I loved the Noitu Love 2 demo – fantastic 2D beat-em-up

For me it was really a game that came out of no where, but I recently found my way to a demo of Noitu Love 2. A game which apparently first grew to fame (but past me by) during this year’s Independent Games Festival. Brining back memories of Gunstar Heroes and other clasasic shooters from the likes of Treasure and Konami it is a game played solely with your mouse as you guide your character around the screen. However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg as loads of work has gone into making sprites, the backgrounds, the fantastic combo system, and also the music, so it is not just the control system that impresses.

Here is a short trailer that does a better job of summing the game up better than I could


If you’re looking for something with old school flair, but still offers some innovative trills it is certainly a demo worth playing. In fact, the only problem I had with the game was the demo ended so abruptly, although I went straight back to play the game from the beginning as I was so impressed.

Oh, and as you can see by the games name it is in fact a sequel, but although the first game has a smilar name, and offers similar trills it is not quite as impressive. However, seeing as it is freeware it is certainly worth a download if you have the time, and should be something to pass the time in conjunction with playing this demo until the full game is released.

I’ll certainly be checking it out whenever that happens further down the line