No News is Freakin’ Annoyin’

It is NOT, despite what many believe, a good thing. A whole new bout of anger has washed over me after futile efforts to find the Lylat Wars main theme ended up bringing me back to the inescapable conclusion that the only way to get it is through downloading the Brawl soundtrack, which is obviously illegal… and the file size was huge so I left it.

So, where’s Brawl? In the States, and in Japan, thats where. I feel I must repeat what so many other people must’ve said; its simply horrendous that we don’t have a launch date yet. And now, like many other gamers, I’m going to naively speculate. The date April 14th COULD be significant. This is the last day we shall see any updates on the Smash Bros Dojo, the official site. In the interest of keeping hopes up, I like to think that this could be the day we finally see a release date.

Until then, I’m going to stick to making my posters.