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Mortal Shell Tips and Tricks

Mortal Shell is the newest Souls-Like game to hit the market and that means it’s also frustratingly hard! Here are a few tips that will help you out early in the game:


Differences between ‘Glimpses’ and ‘Tar’

Tar is required to upgrade your Shells (armour loadouts) and to purchase items from merchants; they are gained by killing enemies and using consumables.

Glimpses are also used to upgrade Shells and purchase items from merchants; they are gained by consuming items and rarely enemies will drop them when they are defeated. However be careful because Glimpses are attached to the Shell you are currently using.

The biggest difference between the two is that you don’t lose Glimpses when you die but you lose all your Tar when you are killed. Glimpses can be very rare early on because normal enemies don’t drop them that often so make sure you spend them wisely! Each Shell has to be upgraded individually and Glimpses are rare so it is ideal to find the Shell you like early on and dedicate your upgrades to it.

The new ‘Harden’ mechanic

Harden is a new mechanic added to the game that turns your body to stone and allows you to block a single hit. The best part is you can utilise the Harden ability at any time such as when you’re dodging, rolling, attacking or jumping so experimenting with timing is very important. Also, when starting out you might have ‘too good to use syndrome’ and only want to use it as a last resort; the cooldown is only around 5 seconds so make sure that you use it whenever you can and you will find the game becomes much easier.

Harden is very important but don’t forget about dodging and parrying! You won’t win just by using Harden on it’s own so make sure to get a good feel for mixing these techniques together in your arsenal to carve the path to victory.


Parrying is one of the most important parts of succeeding in Mortal Shell because not only will it provide you with a huge window to get that extra damage in but if you have enough Resolve Metre you will also be able to heal a small amount.

Your character won’t parry instantly so you have to get the timing just right as the enemy is swinging at you and not when it’s in closer proximity to hitting you. It will take a little while to get used to but there aren’t too many enemies in each area so you should learn to recognise what you can and can’t parry pretty easily. Parrying without having any Resolve will still give you a big attack window so try to parry when you have the option so you don’t waste your Harden cooldown.

I think all games with a parry system should have a glowing effect to let you know that the next attack cannot be parried. When an enemy is winding up an attack you can see the Tarnished Seal (the item you use to parry) glow on your back showing you that you can’t parry that particular attack and you need to dodge out of there or use your Harden skill to block instead.


Healing is a big part of Mortal Shell because there aren’t any healing items that refill when you rest so you need to make sure you use the consumables you find wisely and make sure to heal up by talking to Sister Genessa whenever you have the opportunity.

You can find mushrooms around the map that respawn after a certain amount of time so make sure you revisit some of the same places so that you have enough for the harder bosses.

The most consistent way of healing is parrying when you have enough Resolve Metre because that allows you to do a riposte attack which is really powerful and will allow you to heal a small amount of health as a reward if you manage to pull it off successfully.

Another way to heal is by recovering your body after death; doing this will restore you back to full health which can be very handy during fights against hard enemies and bosses. I found this extremely helpful for bosses in particular because it pretty much gives you 3 lives. A word of warning though: you cannot rely on this every time because this only works when your ‘Shell’ is left behind. Sometimes instead of leaving a body when you die you will leave a red shimmer on the ground which only restores your lost Tar. This ‘shimmer’ does not restore your health so keep this in mind when planning your boss strategies. Be careful when using this strategy because you might end up dying and losing all of your Tar.

Fighting hard enemies

The environment can be used to your advantage! You may find that enemies can get stuck on walls and other elements in the environments and can use this to your advantage. You can hit them through the wall without getting knocked back so keep your distance when they’re attacking and run in for a few cheeky swings.

Make use of the bear traps scattered throughout Fallgrim by baiting enemies towards them, trapping them in place for a few seconds giving you the opportunity to attack. They won’t do that much damage but you will get a good opportunity to get a few hits in or put some space between you and the enemy if necessary.

Abuse the Harden mechanic! Hardening is a key part of combat in this game and mastering it can really give you the edge against tough or groups of enemies. If you find yourself in a tight spot you can run in, begin your attack, harden to block the enemy and then flee until your Harden metre is restored before diving back in. Rinse and repeat until you have beaten the enemy.

That’s all of the tips I have to share for now but there is so much more to learn whilst exploring the world of Mortal Shell so make sure you check out everything and experiment with the different items, weapons and features it has to offer!