More Xbox Live problems, what are they doing with our money?

It might be a weird time to post a blog entry (5AM), but right now I have nothing better to do thanks to Xbox Live seemingly not working again, not allowing any items from the Marketplace to be browsed, and crucially refusing to let them be bought.

So, seeing as it is the one and only way to get access to the recently released COD4 maps it is more than a bit annoying, and yet another irritation at a service that we pay to supposedly keep running in tip top condition.

To make things even worse it seems many are venting frustration that the code they have to enter to redeem that maps they got in the GOTY version of COD4 is not working either, the code being labelled as invalid by the service. I am sure this will now lead to Activision receiving many complaints, however for once it seems the problems are not on their end. They also seem to be more willing to help customers at the moment by informing them of the problems, which is something MS have not done through they internet mouthpiece just yet.

I am sure this wont be the last time Microsoft have problems with their service though, as it seems ever since Christmas last year Live has had a series of annoying hic-ups that Microsoft don’t seem like they want to fix.

I should say that I never used to have any problems paying for Live, but when the service now seems to have problem after problem, week in and week out I am really starting to question why I do. I know both the PS3 and Wii online options are not perfect either, but I certainly never had this many noticeable problems in the past few months.

What did you do with last weeks down time Microsoft? I guess not very much.