Mario Kart: Denouement

You might recall from a few days back that we said we were going to play Mario Kart on the Wii. Check the exciting video below to see what actually happened.


The first section is a bit hard to decipher (shut up, I was tired), so help yourself to a transcript:

“Hello, boys and girls. It’s about 11 o’clock, on a Saturday morning. Which isn’t very early, unless you’ve been up until half three in the morning, playing Pangya! Golf With Style on the Wii. In which case it is very early. Um, the reason I’m filming this, is because today me and Andi are going to GAME, and we’re gonna try and play Mario Kart on the Wii, about a week before it comes out. And it’s gonna be really busy, so we’re probably not gonna get to play it at all. So it should be a lot of fun.”

Enjoy! Or don’t. Also if anyone fancies buying me a proper video camera, that’d be ace.