IndieZero: Post-I.T. Shooter


[HI! It’s IndieZero time again. That means we’ve dug up another indie game you should check out, because it’s brilliant. Check back roughly once a week for more free/cheap indie goodness.]

Ever heard of the Experimental Game Project? It’s pretty good. It’s a monthly competition where a bunch of indie developers each make a game based on that month’s theme, and they’ve only got a week to do it. As such, a lot of the games they put out tend to be more ‘proof-of-concept’ than actual games, but that’s understandable since it takes me more than a week to get around to putting my clothes in the wash, never mind taking a game from concept to execution.

This week we’re taking a look at a game made for the EGP, called Post-I.T. Shooter. It’s by Petri Purho, the man responsible for the incredible Crayon Physics Deluxe (and if you haven’t checked that out, do so), and what it lacks in depth it makes up for by looking utterly amazing. It also has a brilliant story:

“Your girlfriend was killed in the destruction of I.T. and the Gods promised that they’ll bring her back if you kill enough invaders.”

Move over, Kojima. You’re done.


The game itself is a really simple shoot-’em-up – you move around with the cursor keys, fire with the space bar, and try to shoot down a series of enemies without getting hit yourself. But it’s the game’s visual style that sets it apart – everything looks like it’s taking place in a stop-motion animation involving an unholy amount of post-it notes. You probably gathered that from the screenshots and title, of course – but they don’t quite do the game justice. In all honesty, I can’t play it for more than a few minutes without hurting my eyes/brain, but there’s something wonderfully fluid about the way the game is animated, even though it’s essentially just made up of 32 x 24 pixels. When you first see an enemy ship explode, you’ll be genuinely stunned. Or have some kind of seizure. One of the two.

Oh, and if that wasn’t clever enough, the game actually generates each enemy on the fly, using maths. Alright, it’s not a huge technological breakthrough, but it’s a nice touch in a game that could have quite happily gone without.


Truth be told, you’ll probably only play it for about 20 seconds before getting a massive headache, yet you’ll want to send the link to your friends and say BLOODY HELL LOOK AT THIS OH MY GOD. Hopefully Petri will do something a bit more fleshed-out (and a bit less hazardous to those with epilepsy) with the visual style in the near future.

Download Post-I.T Shooter (Windows only)

[Found via the blog – cheers!]