Ibu’s 2 Cents #3 – When are you NOT a Traditional Games Player?

Back to my point though, after the meal with my girlfriend we had some time to waste and seeing as we were at the local Valley Centertainment, we went into the Arcade first port of call the Dance Dance Euromix 2 machine it was fun having a quick bash on the two player… First Round to the girlfriend it was on Beginner level though, Second Round all mine it was on standard only a B grade but hey im out of practice. Third Round it was much closer…But i won, i didn’t even mean to, but the other half chose a hard song to dance to.

Next we moved onto the Outrun 2 Coin Op, this is the first time i have seen Outrun 2 since it was released in Japan, i eagerly enter my 10 pound note into the machine in order to get enough change for me to be able to play the game having spent all my spare pounds on the bloody dance thing. I enter my cash into the machine and choose to play in the F50 a class car better than the Enzo in rating though….hmmm wierd.

Anyway this does not phase me accidently i press AT (automatic transmission) bugger thats the first mess up. The second is not choosing Magical Sound Shower as the music. The third was screwing up and only getting 98% of the way to the checkpoint… Oh well i insert yet more money. The other half gets bored and goes to the loo… i don’t care i pass the second checkpoint… what strikes me bout this game is that after all these years the game mechanic is still exactly the same with sparkly graphics and remixed soundtrack and still seems to play better than the majority of todays arcade racers infact it is the BEST arcade racer and to think the steering structure is just a slightly redefined method of something 15 years old. Why dont i come here more often i think? then i realise that nowadays the arcade sector is in decline… so is my time to play games.

Well what bout me and games now?

Me i never really get time to play arcade games too much anymore. Never mind proper console games if i get the chance to play i want something relaxing calm and easy maybe Winning Eleven 7 i? or a bit on Rainbow Six 3 online on the xbox if and when i get the chance thats a big WHEN too. My girlfriend she likes The Sims it is pretty she can control and mate people. She doesn’t understand games like i do. Like i used too.

This brings me to my point when does a hardcore games player stop being hardcore and instead jus slots in with the rest of the majority the people who see games as a cool gimmick and not an alternate lifestyle? At the minute i have a lot on it restricts me from gaming time which i like at least to be between 10-12 hours a week at the minute im looking at 30 mins to 3hrs if i am lucky. Does this therefore stop me being a traditional games player? The same games player i have been since the age of 7?

Anyway i better go i have a copy of The Sims that i need to buy before friday wen the girlfriend comes across… i promised her it.