Ibu’s 2 Cents #2 – Sonic Speed

Games funny little things, aren’t they? Who looked forward to the launch of the GBA SP?? I did I bought mine from Japan along with an American NTSC copy of Sonic Advance.

It was an instant classic, gaining adoring looks from my friends and the girls.the girls? Yes the girls, I mean come on it IS soooo cute. I’ll get back on point though. You see Sonic Advance awoke many happy childhood memories, the bright colours, intricate graphic, level design coupled with blistering speed.

You can give me Sonic over Mario any day cue controversial backlash.
I was hooked, my friends were hooked it was bliss but this particular sonic had another ace up its sleeve ‘The Time Trial Mode’. Every level you completed in the main game was unlocked to race through to your hearts content in the TT mode.

When I had unearthed the potential of this mode I was with my friend Tan Wan. I bragged how I could finish Act One in under 50 seconds, he looked at me puzzled as if to say ,do I give a s**t?, he shrugged smirked took the gameboy out of my hands and began. Three minutes 42 seconds later he smiled handed it me back, I faltered and took it back he had beaten me, beaten my score by over four seconds. I shuddered, then regained myself taking the gameboy back from him, I was going to beat him. An hour later I was within a second of his time, it pissed me off, I’ll admit it. But I wouldn’t give up, friends started to come into the bar to meet us and congregate, I didn’t say I was in a bar did I? Well yes I was, while everyone sat drinking socializing me and Tan Wan had been engaged in a Sonic battle. It does that to you see, the competition was getting to me it was winning it was laughing in my face. I put the game boy down stopped playing I passed it around to my friends they could see my new toy, hey it’s got a front lit screen!, its sooo much cooler! it drew ooohs and aaahs. I know I fucking chose it! that was the voice inside my head, I held it in; it would be silly to let frustration get to me, “Have FUN” shouted another voice, I paused reflected yeah it was a game STOP! But… I was losing! I was broken.

I forgot the game and enjoyed the company of my close friends, we drank chattered, laughed, I was enjoying it, I was having fun. I could sense something, was that rebuilding confidence? I could only hope, it was my friend eddy-two-names, he taught me the double speed roll, hold down pad and click the jump button fast to charge it up, he gleefully told me while trying to finish act one in under a minute.

Why didn’t I know this? Anyway it was a new weapon. Three hrs later I got my hands on my gameboy my last chance, my potential demise, I felt like John Wayne moseying on down to the old saloon to take on his old adversary… it was now or never.

I booted it up, it loaded I clicked twice the level blurred I flew… oh so close 42.64, just 0.23 seconds off Tan Wan’s time. “AGAIN” Morpheus shouted, It is a level based on rules, but you can not only bend the rules, you can break them! It was his voice, the realization hit home, first I had other things to do.

Double click fast, held down the d-pad while doing so I released the d-pad n flew I jumped the wind gushed past, I jumped onto the platform avoided the shield boost ran the loop switching into a roll to boost my speed, went thru both hoops down the ramp hit the speed booster and went up the quarter pipe I rushed past waterfalls water glistening on my blue cheeks looped the loop collecting rings along the way while the g-force dried my face contorting my facial muscles, over the slight bumps and I was there.

Neon lights flashed dazzling me it was like Vegas, victory music played a man with a trophy smiled giving me the thumbs up… I blinked slowly unsure how to take it in breathless. I opened my eyes ready to celebrate with the crowds my hand in the air clenching the silver game boy in my hands battery light glowing dangerously red ecstatic with joy, there were no neon lights, no victory band and no man with a trophy or the smile that said I was a champ… just the hazy PC monitor and the Sonic Desktop Theme screensaver singing ‘Genie In A Bottle’.

Then it dawned on me I had won, I had beaten Tan Wan but it all seemed so inferior, no one was there no one cared, it was just me… I smiled, I laughed at myself. I took a photo of the best time picture messaging it to Tan Wan, smirked turned off the gameboy and sighed.