Helping Hand #3

Where Did All The Games Go?This Week’s Big Game (by Default)

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Essentials – Out Now
Available on PSP

Usually we have problems picking a game of the week for the opposite reasons. This week with only three games, amounting to a measly three games on handheld platforms, we were unsure what the hell to do. In the end we went for Essentials, but not because it’s a mind-blowing original title – because it’s the best of a bad bunch. Ubisoft boast Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Essentials takes players deep into the Splinter Cell saga. Experience all-new missions and objectives exclusive to the PSP system, and discover the untold story of Sam Fisher through flashbacks to various missions from the entire Splinter Cell franchise including Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Double Agent.

Championship Manager 2006 – Out Now
Available on PSP

Championship Manager 2006 on the Sony PSP features 55 playable leagues across the top 12 footballing nations, a realistic 2D match engine and ‘Quick’ and ‘Challenge’ modes. There are now improved manager options to influence your team tactics, 25 000 players and a fully interactive transfer system with all of the latest transfers straight from the January 2006 transfer window. Final word; these games are better played on the PC, but if you really need management on the move then Football Manager is out next week and is expected to be infinitely better than this.

Top Spin 2 – Out Now
Available on GameBoy Advance, Nintendo DS

I don’t know what to say about this title other than everyone seems to have forgotten it is appearing on handhelds and have instead gone for the Xbox360 release. I would not blame them though as the console release the better version overall. Only pick it up if nothing else is available to you!

Well there you have it; all in all, a very bad week for lovers of the handheld platforms. If you bought any games last week then just keep on playing them as there is nothing of interest this week for most gamers. As always, remember all the games listed may be subject to change and could be delayed. If that happens, don’t nag us about it! We will roar and shout and scream if you do! We will be back next week (hopefully).