Fun Little Bit: Crowtel

Crowtel feels like a game that I would have stayed up late during a school night to play on my Gameboy Advance in bed. The music has a calm, yet lazy tone that fits incredibly well and the gameplay just hits some nostalgic string in my brain that begs it to be played on the old handheld. It almost reminds me of Warioland in a way because of the different themes and tone, but I can’t say there are many more similarities between the two.


In Crowtel You play as the owner of a hotel that goes by the name of Crow, but she also is a crow. Crow is in the middle of opening a hotel, while it is in the middle of being built, and during the process the health inspector cats stop by to see if the building is up to code. It turns out that Crow is not only a bird that owns a hotel, she is a lazy bird that owns a hotel. So she leaves the cats at the front door, and rushes off to see what all needs to be fixed in her hotel.


Throughout this hotel you have to jump, sing and electrocute enemies that range from toilets to ghosts. The game doesn’t just stick to platforming though, you will also have to deal with some puzzles, boss fights and some light bullet-hell sections.

I am not going to give more away because the game is not too long, I finished it in about two 40 minute sessions. If you wanna check it out go download it for free at the page! The music composer has also posted the game’s soundtrack up on Bandcamp.