Forum Roundtable: Red Steel: Revolutionary?

As we begin gearing up for E3 with the three major hardware manufacturers and third parties that will make the games people play, it’s time to start chatting about some of the hot topics. First off this week is the Revolution.

Nintendo has been skimping on details about the new console, more so than ever before. So it wasn’t surprising that when Red Steel was announced two weeks back that websites were going nuts about the shred of meat that had been handed to them to feast on.

Judging from the poor quality scans, a few of us decided to have a little discussion about our opinions on the newly shown title. What our impressions were versus what we thought a game might look like on the Revolution.

Secondly, does the game appear revolutionary? How do we feel about the control setup, judging from the information provided? Is it gimmicky or will it actually make the title more intuitive?

Honestly, how can you even begin to make a judgement on a game based on two screens? Wait for E3 and a video, as if I had a pound for every screen I saw that didn’t accurately reflect the end product, I would have more money than EA.

No I don’t think it’s that revolutionary, it’s a 1st person shooter with different controls. Prove me wrong Nintendo, I want to try it out, but I’m sure after the ‘newness’ of it ends, I’ll resort back to my comfortable joypad.

In my opinion, first person shooters is not what the Revolution is about, I’m looking for more quirky, short to play titles like on the DS, and if Nintendo don’t realise that, it’s back down the pan with them.

People made judgement on the PS2 based on FMVs, and they have done it again with the PS3 and it’s FMVs.

From those screens, the models are much better than I was expecting. With Nintendo playing down the console’s hardware, it felt as if the games on it were to look quite bad. Not so. If those [first generation] screens are the case, I don’t think the omission of HD will be that much of a problem.

As for the control, if it’s implemented in the correct way, I don’t think it will be a gimmick. The fact that you can point and shoot adds amounts of accuracy over a restrictive joystick and a crosshair on screen. It can take time to correct if you over shoot your mark. With this controller, you just point, literally like a gun.

The reason I think that it is going to be implemented correctly and will be a success is the degree of control that this controller will offer. Already, it can do something that a light gun or standard controller can’t do; The in game gun mimics the position and orientation of the controller.

E3, as always will tell all, but early signs are looking promising, especially on the third party front, as Nintendo have allowed a third party game to be the first demonstration. This is a good sign for third party relationships, something Nintendo severely needs.

Well, I’ve never played a light gun game before where you’ve controlled your movements as well as shoot stuff. I really enjoyed light gun games, and where this seems just a step up from that, I think extra control of the character will make so much difference. Plus the aiming should be better, as there is no such thing as perfect sensitivity in my opinion.

I just want a James Bond game like this.

The Red Steel news wasn’t really too big to me when it came through. Do the graphics suck? No. Are they normal? Yes. Do they make use of the controller? Yes. It’s all that went through my mind while looking and made a quick absence as I read more of DarkZero’s excellent news service.

The Nintendo Revolution’s launch and the close post-launch will be littered with gimmicky games trying to make use of the Revolution’s features just as the DS launch was. I don’t think Red Steel will be one of those titles, but I still see it as a, let’s say ‘practice title’ for Ubisoft. We’ll see at least one or two of these from every major publisher and some will do well while others fail. I think that as with many other launches, the Nintendo Revolution will be able to dwarf Red Steel’s graphics over time – that’s not to say they aren’t already pretty impressive!

Red Steel is the first title which has been shown for the upcoming Ninty console and its appearance drummed up a lot of interest and claims of revolutionising the FPS genre. I for one whilst impressed with the claims and promises of the games premise am still sceptical. I would like to see something like this work and if those are indeed in game scans and not just concept renders of the in game’s target look, the game will sure be an interesting and fantastic looking new series (it’s Ubisoft, it will definitely be a series of games).

From the screens shown it seems that the developers have already competently got to grips with the console and its intricacies to bring us a game which lives up to its hype and is more than just a list of convoluted promises… I sure hope so.

But too often gamers have been tricked by FMV looking screens of games purporting to be in game when in fact this is not true *cough* Killzone 2 *cough* old man face tech demo on ps2* (long cough I know). This time I am going to sit on the fence and see how things pan out over the next few months with the release of more in game screens (real ones) and in game videos, maybe even a play test at E3? I’m hopeful yes… I’m also waiting to be disappointed which I don’t want to be as I feel the Nintendo Revolution will be a great console so I can’t wait to see it actually in action.

One more thing, I wonder how the control will work. We already know how you will shoot but how will you dual wield a gun and aim at multiple targets? Will this be possible? And I’m sure there is only so much a console can have thrown at it without being bogged down by so much demands, technically. I wonder if we will see a delay in bullet shots and how this will affect the scenery and also the effects of the shots on the enemy and how they react. It’s time to have better ragdoll effects than what we have seen on the past gen consoles.

I don’t know lets see just wait and see.

I’ve been quite sceptical of the Revolution thus far. Hearing that it will be underpowered won’t fill many with too much inspiration considering that there’s probably at least another 5 years until graphics hardware gets to the point where it starts to look real.

However these screenshots did impress me and it was nice to see an action game rather than the usual Nintendo style game. That’s not to say I’m not looking forward to Mario and friends but I’d prefer Nintendo offered a wider mix of genres; and a FPS with full control over the gun would do just that. It’s a pity it’s not a 1st or 2nd party game but should still go a long way to help Nintendo’s cause if it’s ready for launch, and even if it isn’t I’m sure its effect is already being felt.

Graphically this looks to be at least an 8/10 game judging by the early images. I just hope there are elements such as realistic gun wounds and blood to build on the control mechanism. The controller alone isn’t enough to win the next generation, we need real improvements to gameplay physics too. If they really make the most of it then it could help move gaming forward and be a Revolution hit.