Forum Roundtable: Afterthoughts of the GDC

The Game Developers’ Conference has come and gone, so we had a little, and I emphasise the ‘little’, discussion about it in the forums. Here a few of our afterthoughts of the event, and what we want to see from E3.

Although it is a little thin, I think it’s obvious that the GDC wasn’t what we expected and hopefully, E3 will be more eventful.

In my honest opinion my most favourite thing of this year’s GDC was the unveiling of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass for the DS (being a total Zelda fan). I was also quite shocked at the announcement that the PS3 will be multi-region, I just think there will be a catch.

Part of me was hoping that they would show even in the slightest a preview of the Revolution, but I’m glad they didn’t because this pumps me up for E3 even more.

Also I was pleased to hear about the redesign for the PS3 controller, yay to the absent boomerang, it really didn’t look comfortable to me.

I was hoping that the GDC would be a host to new Revolution information. Unfortunately it wasn’t, but I’m not so disappointed, because now we know for sure that E3 is the place. I was also expecting a new trailer for Twilight Princess.

It’s also interesting to see that the PS3 wasn’t accompanied by the hideous ‘boomerang’ controller. Sony seems to be listening to the masses. But when have they not?

It was wonderful to see finally that Zelda for DS is coming along nicely, and was a pleasant surprise. On top of that, it will be released this year. Fantastic.

The PS3 keeps on getting into deeper and deeper trouble, delayed launch, incompatibility issues, finalisation of hardware, or lack of… While conversely, there are rumours that the Revolution will launch as early as June. A bit of role reversal taking place this generation.

Can’t wait for E3, only 30 or so days to go. It will be very interesting for both Nintendo and Sony fans.

The GDC was fairly disappointing for me. I really only cared for Iwata’s speech, and he really did what was expected – flaunt the Nintendo Wi-Fi Service and the superb DS sales.

Although, I was glad to see a new Zelda in the works. Again, I found it pretty disappointing as a new Twilight Princess trailer wasn’t shown and there wasn’t any real Revolution information. Only a few weeks leading up to E3 now though, and I’m unsure whether or not to be excited. Time will tell.