Escape from Monkey Island Act 2 Guide

Act II: Enter The Manatee

Melee Island™

You will first see a video which is vital so DON’T skip it. If you dont want to find out what happens then skip the next paragraph:


Charles L Charles walks into your mansion after you give the papers to Elaine. He laughs like a madman and walks up to the window, and Elaine says “This won’t work Charles; they will see through your lies.” Are you ready? Charles now says “But they cant even see the biggest lie of them all” and turns into his actual form… LECHUCK™!

You weren’t expecting that were you? Yes, it looks like the people of Melee Island™ are fairly dumb to fall for this when the name Charles is the officer name for Chuck and L stand for Le making him Chuck LeChuck™! I always wondered what his first name was and there we have it. So anyway, Lechuck™ laughs and explains his plans before walking off. Explaining your plans, you think super evil villains would have learnt by now that is one piece of information you should keep to yourself. Guybrush™ throws in a rubbish insult and we’re out of the video.

Now that that is all over Elaine wants you to go and talk to the “Voodoo Lady” to find out what the ultimate insult™ is. Ok – its time to let Guybrush™ run around free for a bit. Well, not free but you know what I mean. First you need to head over to the “Voodoo Lady’s” house; you could go other places first but that would mean you have to make numerous trips from one place to another which just gets really annoying after a while.

When you go into the house nobody will be there but this is just to trick you into wandering off somewhere you don’t really need to go. What you have to do is walk over to the big hand and pull the finger by pressing the triangle button. Don’t pull the little finger or any others with a name on the front, just “finger”. Now the mirror will spin round and there is the “Voodoo Lady”. Go up and speak to her and ask everything about the Ultimate Insult™ then how the Marley™ family wedding gifts are related.

The “Voodoo Lady” will now find three of the gifts from the box but one of them (the blue one) is missing. Now you should head over to the world map then go to Meathook’s™ house which is the top right hand corner of the map. Go over the bridge and through the door then go and talk to Meathook™. Ask him everything and when you have run out of things to say pick up a paintbrush from the pot he put out when he was talking about his old paintbrushes.

You MUST make sure you ask him EVERYTHING or you are going to waste some items. After you have done this go down to the docks and look at the grog machines change return slot. Pick up the quarter and use it in the machine. When the machine gets jammed choose the fighting moves. A whole lot of grog will now fall out so pick up a can. Head over to the SCUMM bar to find it has been taken over by Ozzie Mandrill™ and has been turned into the LUA bar.

Enter the LUA bar and sit on one of the stools by the sushi canal. Call over the waitress and ask her if they have anything hot. Get the flaming scuttle fish then take out your paintbrush. Highlight “Jam in sushi boat mechanism”. Now you need to wait for the flaming boat to come along. Let it go past the totem pole when you can still see it, round the bend and when it goes behind the totem pole press X. When you regain control run quickly up the steps and into the door which leads to the kitchen. Take out the can of grog and pour it into the boiler.

You will now see a video scene where the painting melts and the chef gives the original painting to you because he says it is ruined. Now that you have the fourth and final wedding gift its time to head over to the docks. Once there you should take out the earrings and put them on the figurehead. She will now come to life and speak rudely too you for a bit. After that you will need to put the necklace on her, then the pen and finally the map in that exact order.

You will now see a short scene where the pen sets on fire and makes a clear mark on where to go… Jambalaya Island™.

Jambalaya Island™

Once you reach the island you should head into town (obviously). First walk to the building on the right which is the Starbucks. Don’t go in yet but walk by the door until “look at mug” becomes an option. Look at it and then you can go in. First pick the mug up from the window the look in the women’s bag. Talk to the lady about everything (especially the Ultimate Insult) then pick up the mug from her bag; don’t worry, you won’t have a problem. Now head to the desk and get a re-fill on your cup. Put the cup away and move over to where the bagels with the weird paste on them are. Pick one up and eat it. Guybrush™ will spit it out and put it away. Leave the building then look at the statue in the middle of the town centre then look at the plaque that is with it. Talk to the tourist who is next to it and talk about how he is really interested. He will tell you about Tiny La Feet and then about how the hat was taken off. You should show him the Ultimate Insult drawing and ask about the hat; then stop talking to him.

Go over to the micro-groggery and ask the bartender for some grog. He will give you a very weak form of it but do not drink this because you are going to need it. Go out of the micro-groggery and up the steps to the left of it. Head over to the first left turn and talk to Marco Polo. Ask him everything then head over to the judges and ask to dive. Now head back over to Marco and ask to dive against him. He will do three moves and you will need to get them right so listen carefully to what it says he is going to attempt. When it is your turn while Guybrush™ is in the air hit the buttons for the three moves he did in the exact same order. Here are the names of the tricks and the button to press.

Spinning Swordsman: Right
Keelhaul: Up
Rum Barrel: Down
Alpha Monkey: Left

You should get two bad scores if you did all the things correctly. Now go over to the judges and speak to the wise judge. Ask him what was wrong with your dive and then leave. Now head down the path till you reach Stan’s new house. Before you speak to him head behind his desk and pick up the glue, which is on the left side of the door a bit along the ledge.

Now head back to the desk and pick up a timeshare leaflet before talking to Stan. Talk to Stan about everything until he offers to give you a free Mega Monkey Mug Deal coupon, which can be used at Planet Threepwood™ if you listen to his timeshare speech. Now stop talking to him and drink the coffee. Start talking to him again and ask for the timeshare speech. When you come back you will get the token. Head back into town and go into Planet Threepwood™. Look at the menu, which is the big board when you come in.

After looking at the menu talk to the waitress wandering around and order and food with any drink. When she asks you how you will be paying say by the coupon and she will say that’s only good for a drink now. You will now go and sit down and receive your drink. Whatever you do, do NOT leave the stool. Instead pick the option “Talk to the jolly pirate”. Ask him for a picture with the monkey mug and answer anything.

Now the glue will finally come in handy. First combine the glue with the picture then the picture with the mug you “borrowed” from the lady in the Starbucks. Use the fake monkey mug with the real monkey mug then leave the building. Well done, you have just got your first piece out of three that are needed for the Ultimate Insult! Now its time to head off of Jambalaya Island™ – but don’t think you are getting off it completely yet.

Head back down to where your ship is and get in the little rowing boat next to it. Sail out to the island on the left until a cannon ball is fired at you.

By the pirate ship; just really select random answers because Guybrush™ will not answer with what you pick but something completely different. Don’t bother asking the man any questions because none of the answers matter so head away from the ship and over to Knuttin Atoll™. Oh and yes I did spell that right!

Knuttin Atoll™

Welcome to Knuttin Atoll™. First head over the puppet box where the Guybrush™ and LeChuck™ puppets are arguing. You should automatically speak to the LeChuck™ puppet. Ask everything till he ducks down and the Guybrush™ puppet comes up. Ask if you can talk to the puppeteer. You don’t need to actually talk to him. Just select leave alone then immediately go into your inventory, select the painting and show it to the puppeteer. Pick up the puppets and head over to the school.

Ask if you can take the class then just sit back and relax for a minute as a pointless video takes place. When it comes to the questions pick the answers that involve disembowelling, killing them generally or taking their treasure and killing them. You should get the dunce hat and get banned. Once you have been kicked out go down the ledge and pull the fire alarm. When the teacher runs out run in and quickly go over to the chest which is on Guybrush’s™ right and pick up the whistle.

Make your way back to your boat but don’t get in it; instead walk past the old shack and onto the beach. Watch a funny scene in which Guybrush™ is almost squished then talk to the pirate about the parrots. Then talk to him about his dad. Ask if you can keep the hat if you find it. This becomes very much about luck now. First head over to the right onto the actual beach for a surprise. When you regain control blow the whistle you found and the parrots will fly down.

Ask the parrot on the left a question like, who’s your daddy, what’s my name or 2 + 2? If Guybrush™ tells you it’s the lying parrot when the parrots come back down give the wimpy grog to the parrot on the right. If Guybrush™ said it was the truth-telling parrot give the wimpy grog to the parrot on the left. Now 9/10 times the lying parrot will have got drunk but if you are unlucky the truth telling one will have got drunk. It doesn’t matter though as you can still push on. Ask the drunk parrot one of the questions mentioned above and if it lies then you can be relieved but if it tells the truth you have my permission to curse the game. The drunken parrot will be slower coming down and will wobble on the rock.

If the truth-telling parrot is still sober ask him/her which way to go to find Tiny La Feet’s hat. Head in that direction and keep blowing the whistle every time you move one rock and ask the truth-telling parrot again. If you got the truth-telling parrot drunk just use the same method as above except ask the drunken parrot not the sober one. When you get to the right rock take out the two puppets to get a nice video scene which is fun to watch. Finding the right rock is always completely random; one time with me it was at the third rock and one time it was at the twentieth rock!

Guybrush™ should now wonder how Elaine is doing and you will see a small video with LeChuck™ as Charles L Charles and Elaine as herself asking people to vote for them as they go into the voting place. If you don’t see the video don’t worry because you will eventually see it. Now head back over to Jambalaya Island™ and be happy that you have got off Knuttin Atoll™.

Jambalaya Island™ part II

Land your boat on the beach below Stan’s house and walk up the steps at the beach. Walk past Stan’s house and head over to the diving competition. Once there take the weird chewed bagel thing out and use it with Marco’s bottle of baby seal oil. If you have done this correctly a seagull should land next to it. Now walk over to the judges and talk to the judge who gave you a really bad score why he did it. Once this is over look at the timeshare leaflet then show it too him.

It’s time to dive again so go and talk to Marco about diving. Once again pay very close attention to the moves he makes then once it is your turn when you are at the top before running onto the plank take out your dunce cap and wear it. Now run onto the plank and press the buttons to the moves Marco did. Once again here are the names and the buttons for each one.

Spinning Swordsman: Right
Keelhaul: Up
Rum Barrel: Down
Alpha Monkey: Left

Once you have done this you should get straight 10s. Now it’s your turn to set the dive so just press any three random buttons. Marco will now put on his oil and Guybrush™ will say something funny. Marco will mess up his dive and you will win getting the third and final piece needed to complete the ultimate insult! If you didn’t get the video I was talking about before then you should get it now. Congratulations you have completed act II but if you found that hard then you can only prepare yourself for the torments of… ACT III!!!