ER – The Game Preview

With Legacy Interactive still hard at work creating a accurate virtual incarnation of the long running TV show that combines elements of Real Time Strategy and Role Playing titles we take a look at how life is progressing down at the polygon version of Chicago County General!

In ER: The Game you begin your medical career as a newly hired intern based in the now famous Chicago County General Hospital. The game shares a remarkable likeness to the Sims series in graphical style and how it plays although not as graphical impressive as EA’s famous game. It is also played from the easy to use 3D isometric perspective with a fully rotateable 360 degree view.

As you progress through the game character (which you can name and create) will gain experience points from a set of six in six separate medicinal practices, these are rated on a 1 to 10 scale. You can improve the skills by doing certain tasks throughout the game. You will have to chose you patients carefully though as if you don’t enough skills to save them you will have to call the depressing “Time Of Death” a few more times that you would like to. Every illness and patient is given rating and if these are highly above your skill level it is advised to stay away and work on patience you are confident on healing, you may also gain special ability where you can use on patience and doctors.

Yes! ER not only focuses on the trials and tribulation of the medical profession, you also got to set your sights on creating relationships with your fellow professionals, in a very “simlike” way you can offer other doctors gifs. You can also talk to them, try and hug or even kiss them. Relationships with the NPCs can lead to some special awards. Some friends may give you a few perks but if you make an enemy you may see your now rival doctor trying to steal patients away from you which will result in making the game harder.

ER: The Game is an interesting easily accessibly title that is true to the roots of the TV series and with three actors from the show (Noah Wyle, Sherry Stringfield and Mekhi Phifer) lending their voices and likenesses to the game it should appeal to fans of the long running show when released later this year.