E3 2005 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Warning: May contain Spoilers!!

E3’s gone, and people are chattering about all the new things coming. Nintendo Revolution, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and the slew of games developers showed off. Perhaps the most exciting point and most talked about subject was the new Zelda game. During Nintendo’s pre-E3 conference, they confirmed that the new epic’s title would indeed be “Twilight Princess”. Something more; we got a new trailer. For those that haven’t seen it, I’ll do a quick run-down.

The trailer starts and a hum strikes as the camera screens the top of what appears to be a castle. Everything is grey and some winged beasts fly by. We’re taken to a grey sky where what seems like a portal opens and some lanky aliens seep out begin to wander. We’re taken into what seems a chamber in the castle and a cloaked figure stands at a window. We are taken to Link who is walking in his villager clothing to a small boy, and we see the boy crawl through a tunnel of sorts. Link begins a quick pace which leads to a run and the video is spliced so that he is now running in a different area sporting the green clothing we’ve grown to love.

He is running through a forest with a lantern, and then as he leaves our view, we are taken back to that chamber with the cloaked figure. The figure turns and the crowd is awed by her beauty. Link is now travelling noticeably without his lantern and he falls to his knees. Slowly something begins to happen as he yells, and he becomes the wolf. Next we see the wolf biting a chain, he looks up, and a small being with a crazy-ass hat on is standing there. We then see them burst from a grate and they climb up onto a shaking bridge. Note that everything from the change into a wolf is black and white. Midna, the small character, has a cel-shaded hand protruding from her hat which let’s you fight as the wolf (she’s riding on Link’s back).

We now see Wolf Link fighting various foes including the lanky creatures that emerged at the beginning of the trailer. Taken back to a colourful setting, the small boy we saw earlier is strapped onto a pole being carried by a general on an enormous boar. Link draws his sword, the general blows his horn and they’re off! Link is surrounded by several boards and fights them using his sword and the exploding arrow. Taken to a more peaceful setting, we see someone grooming Link’s horse, someone selling the Hyrule hero’s favourite beverage – milk (noticing the cat at the side), Link canoeing, a hawk coming to Link, goat-herding, and various other events taken from game play including the gale boomerang. The trailer is completed with Link and the general running at each other on a bridge with a beautiful sunset in the background and we are presented with the new logo.

Now to try and figure out these events; I’ll try and arrange them best I can.

As of thus far, we’ve seen the following items:
– Exploding arrows
– Gale Boomerang
– Milk
– Lantern

The following boss battles/ potential boss battles:
– General
– Gohma
– Goron
– Balrogesque creature
– Large plant beast

Now then. Nintendo released four demos at E3. On as “cowboy” Link, one against the General, one as the wolf, and one in the monkey temple with the large plant beast. All of those are essentially self explanatory expect for the wolf encounter. Link changes into a wolf, but he doesn’t have the lantern. The forest we saw him running through with the lantern, he wasn’t a wolf. This leads me to believe that, for the most part, Link can be selective over what form he takes. Once he puts the lantern out and becomes the wolf, he must travel back into what isn’t the Twilight Realm (where he becomes the wolf).

Also, as noted and explained in Nintendo Power, Midna will appear and disappear as Link becomes the wolf and changes back again. As a wolf, Link is able to communicate much better with animals than he is as human Link. Nintendo Power also addressed the fact that some people referred to Link as a ‘werewolf’. Apparantly those people were in the ball diamond but no where near to hitting a home run.

Obviously the Twilight Realm has something to do with Link’s transformation. The Twilight Realm I’m assuming is an evil presence. Now, for those that have played Majora’s Mask; Skull Kid is possessed by the mask and is essentially a puppet to Majora. That could be the case here. The wolf could really be another form that Link’s soul/body is fused with when he enters the Twilight Realm. At first he passes it off, but it begins to control him. He eventually is separated from it and fights it. In another theory, notice that after his transformation, Midna appears. Could she have been the one that cast this upon Link so that he would be her gateway into the source of this evil?

Aside, Nintendo has confirmed that Ganon will play a role in this game. It will also take place several decades after Ocarina of time. Noticeably, Wind Waker only takes place 100 years after Ocarina of Time which is a very short and strange amount of time. As we saw in a cut scene in an E3 demo (cowboy Link), Link seems to have a hidden love. Suddenly a boar with riders bursts in through a gate and they shoot her and knock Link out. We don’t see what happens to Colin, but he gets taken away with Link’s lady friend. When Link awakens, he is all alone and runs into the area the boars came from. He turns and to his surprise, there’s a pitch black haze moving towards him. A hand reaches out and drags him in. I’m guessing this is Midna.

We’ve already seen what becomes of Colin, but what about Link’s Juliet? The only other women we see are Midna, the mysterious woman at the window, and the rest are other villagers. Midna is far too short, and the woman at the window is supposedly Zelda. There’s two possibilities here; either her role hasn’t been revealed, or as in Wind Waker, she’s Zelda. Next will come the mystery behind the title of the game. For obvious reasons, many people would pick princess Zelda as that being. I believe that mysterious Midna is our Twilight Queen-to-be as her origin isn’t known and we know so little about her.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is supposedly a whopping seventy hours in total length and we’ve seen very little of that. There’s much more to the story we have yet to see and I’m sure Nintendo will leak more game play footage or another trailer before its release to keep the fans hyped. I’m still hyped about the first trailer and can’t wait to unravel the ever-growing mysteries of this new Nintendo masterpiece.