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DLC Roundup #2

Editor’s Note: Hello readers, and welcome to the second edition of DLC Roundup. Included in this week’s feature is the Skyrim Creation Kit, Ultimate Marvel vs. CAPCOM 3 Alternate Packs, and Final Fantasy XIII-2’s first ever DLC pack. Enjoy!


Ultimate Marvel vs. CAPCOM 3 Weapons Expert Pack

CAPCOM has released new costumes for their blockbuster fighter, Ultimate Marvel vs. CAPCOM 3. The new pack contains costumes for Trish, Zero, Hawkeye, and Taskmaster. While the other costumes are very well-done (Trish as Gloria from Devil May Cry 4*wink wink*), most notable about this pack is Zero’s alternate. As pictured above, it is clear to many a CAPCOM fan that Zero has been re-skinned as Mega Man X.

While this doesn’t totally de-confirm the character as future downloadable content, it doesn’t bode well on the horizon for those hoping that Mega Man X would be added to the roster at some point as DLC. Fans everywhere are disappointed with the thought of this, but it can’t be denied that the alternate costume looks absolutely great. That is, not to say the others are sup-par. Hawkeye is sporting a look that he took on as Ronin in the Marvel universe, and Taskmaster is sporting a unique costume from UDON Entertainment’s comic series. Rest assured that the costume pack look will look excellent on your glorious HD display, as much work and detail was put into each model.

The Weapon Expert Pack is available now for 320 Microsoft Points on the XBOX Live Marketplace or $3.99 on the PlayStation Store.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Coliseum Battle: Lightning and Master Sargeant Amodar

New content for Final Fantasy XIII-2 is available. Titled, “Coliseum Battle: Lightning and Master Sargeant Amodar”, the pack allows you to face Lightning and her former commanding officer Sargeant Amodar in battle. After the characters are defeated, both Lightning and Amodar can be added to your party.

It has also been revealed that more content (Coliseum battles possibly?) will be released at an unspecified date. Taken from the press release:

“Additional episodes which enhance the experience and complement the narrative of Final Fantasy XIII-2 with storyline branches for key characters in the story will be revealed at a later date.”

The Lightning and Amodar Coliseum Pack is available now for 320 Microsoft Points on The XBOX Live Marketplace or $3.99 on the PlayStation Store. Get going soldier!

Skylanders Character and Adventure Pack

New characters and a campaign are available to the insanely addictive Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure. The pack includes new characters Cynder, an undead dragon of the Dark element, Double Trouble, a clumsy spellcaster wielding the Magic element, and Slam Bam, an ice yeti who strangely uses the Water element. Cynder and Double Trouble can be purchased separately while Slam Bam is bundled with the newly-released campaign, Empire of Ice.

Cynder, Slam Bam, Double Trouble, and the Empire of Ice Campaign expansion are available now and can be found at major retailers worldwide. Be sure to beat our local Skylanders junkie Nickolai to the shelves before they’re all gone and you’re left with a crying child, or a crying adult in Nickolai’s case.

Skyrim Creation Kit

In terms of open-world gameplay, there is Skyrim, and then there’s everyone else. Bethesda is seemingly conscious of its place among gaming’s elite, so it’s unsurprising that the first DLC release for the game is one that caters to the gameplay freedom found in the Elder Scrolls V. The Creation kit – which is currently a PC only release – offers PC gamers the option of easily creating modifications for Skyrim and uploading them to the Steam Workshop where other gamers can select and download the mods for their own use. While mods have long been a part of PC gaming, the unique design of the Creation kit allows for anyone to strip and recreate Bethesda’s masterpiece into their own vision.

The number of mods currently resides in the thousands, and the gaming community shows no signs of slowing down its production for what might be the only game that can claim to let you reshape another’s vision – Minecraft comes close, but it’s ultimately your vision – into your own world. Some of the best mods so far include Dovakiin Hideout (surprise – it’s a new home), Midas Magic (new spells including, you guessed it, gold alchemy), Clam Chowder (finally, a good use for all those annoying buggers), and Spidermen (need I explain?). One can only pray this mod kit makes its way to Xbox Live, but, until then, happy modding to all you PC gamers. Here’s to hoping realistic lighting, rabbit rage, and weapons from Lord of the Rings make their way to a console soon.