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DLC Roundup #1

Editor’s Note: Welcome to one of darkzero’s many planned new feature series, ‘DLC Roundup’! In this weekly showcase, we will introduce and cover a number of downloadable content(s) as well as reviews and opinion pieces on DLC. Enjoy!


King of Fighters XIII DLC Character Pack (NESTS Kyo, Mr. Karate)

SNK Playmore recently released new DLC characters for their revered fighting series, The King of Fighters XIII. New character Mr. Karate, famed alter ego of Takuma joins NESTS-style Kyo, a modified replica of Kyo introduced in The King of Fighters “NESTS Saga”.

For the most part, the characters play well and fit in with the rest of the cast. Mr. Karate has a notably fast projectile that lends to very easy zoning and mind games against opponents. NESTS Style Kyo trades regular Kyo’s classic projectile in favor of a rekka series (a rapid series of chain punches for the uninformed). Both characters offer versatility and distinction from their “regular counterparts” and are loads of fun to toy around with.

NESTS Kyo and Mr. Karate (also known as EX Kyo and EX Takuma respectively) join Iori With The Power of Flames (AKA Iori ’98) on KOF XIII’s DLC character cast and fit in quite well.

Pick up NESTS Kyo and Mr. Karate on the PlayStation Store for $5 or on the XBOX Live Marketplace for 400 MSP.

Gears of War 3 “Fenix Rising” Pack

Epic recently deployed the third batch of DLC for their hugely popular 360 shooter, Gears of War 3. Titled “Fenix Rising”, the pack comes with several extra multiplayer skins and new multiplayer maps. The maps are based upon significant events from the life of Gears of War lead character, Marcus Fenix, including the Military Academy where he trained, and the Prison he was held in prior to GoW1.

While the new maps are interesting to play, and will provide a boost in variety for regular players of GoW3, they don’t feel like they warrant their 800 Microsoft Point price tag alone. It is also worth noting that this pack doesn’t include any extra campaign, unlike it’s predecessor, RAAM’s Shadow. Those interested in getting additional GoW content would get more value for money buying the Season Pass for 2400 MSP and getting themselves the first 4 packs of DLC (including RAAM’s Shadow).

Assassin’s Creed “Mediterranean Traveler” Map Pack

Ubisoft has released a new DLC pack for Assassin’s Creed: Revelations. The new content, titled the “Mediterranean Traveler Map Pack”, includes new multiplayer packs exclusively for online play. New locales such as Jerusalem and Constantinople meet old favorites from Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood [namely: Firenze, San Donato, and Sienna].

In addition to the aforementioned multiplayer content, the Mediterannean Traveler Map Pack also features new Trophies and Achievements to earn at a price point of $9.99 on the PlayStation Store and 800 Microsoft Points on the XBOX Live Marketplace.