Disney Star Wars

Disney and Star Wars game dreams – what should we see from the new partnership?

Imagine the possibilities of a world where Wall-E and R2-D2 fight to the sprocket for EVA’s love. In that same universe, imagine a fight to the death between Darth Vader and Maleficent. With the newly announced acquisition of LucasArts by Disney, we discuss the crossovers that need to be created. From Pixar and Marvel to the Mos Eisley Cantina, the possibilities are endless, and, before you dismiss our ideas, think of this – how much worse could Star Wars games actually be?

Not all of these games are real, but I certainly wish they were. Feel free to leave any thoughts about what you think might be a good crossover.

1. Kingdom Hearts III

It goes without saying that the greatest beneficiary of this deal is Square Enix’s long awaited and almost certain Kingdom Hearts III. All the classic worlds, villains, and heroes of Star Wars are now free game for Sora and friends to explore, alleviating many questions about how Square Enix could possibly create a game with enough fresh content. Considering how many worlds have already been covered in the first two games, the Star Wars universe is a god-send for the company to operate within. After all, you can’t really imagine a greater and better threat than the Sith Lords being able to seamlessly integrate into Kingdom Hearts mythology.

Can you imagine the scene where Donald Duck wants into the Mos Eisley Cantina, only to be told they don’t serve his kind? That’s the kind of situational humor this game is just begging to create. Even better – the inclusion of Endor and the ewoks could lend itself perfectly to a Kingdom Hearts world. The ewoks would fit rather nicely into Disney’s wholesome projection as a company, and the AT-AT heartless boss just writes itself. Plus – please someone write a scene where Chewbacca comes into contact with Baloo. Please.

2. Galaxy Battle Royale – Disney VS. Star Wars

If Sony can blatantly take a page from Nintendo’s gaming philosophy, Disney should follow suit and create a brawler featuring Star Wars and Disney characters. The stages could vary from Mount Olympus (Hercules) to a deck of a Star Battlecruiser during a space battle. There’s no short supply of characters – Han Solo with a special move named “shoot second”; Jabba the Hutt versus the Caterpillar (Alice in Wonderland); Yoda finally airing his grievances against Jiminy Cricket over the title of cutest green guy; the possibilities are endless.

Honestly, there’s really one matchup that matters: Wall-E versus R2-D2. Make this happen Disney.

3. A Force Disturbed – Marvel meets Star Wars

Marvel is owned by Disney, and the superheroes have just about done and been everything you might imagine. There’s been multiple zombie outbreaks, civil wars, and alternate universes in comic lore, so why not introduce all of those famous superheroes to a galaxy far, far away? Imagine the Avengers being able to fight alongside Jedis in the Clone Wars. Or how different the final assault on the Death Star might look if Thor was leading the charge against some an Empire helmed by Darth Sidious and Loki? Even better, the crossover between these two worlds could lead to completely new storylines where these two sides have to – wait for it – work together against an even greater threat. At the moment, nothing more dangerous comes to mind than a showdown between  and Darth Vader, but, given enough time, these worlds could work.

Of course, none of this could be considered canonical, but the Hulk throwing Yoda across a battlefield to fight an enemy has a certain appeal to it.

Which leads to the next game…

4. Bounty Hunters – featuring Boba Fett and The Punisher

The Star Wars galaxy might shake at it’s core if Boba Fett and The Punisher had the chance to meet. Talk about a freaking awesome game. I mean, not only could this game be an action-RPG (think Mass Effect), but there could a strategic element to the game that has you controlling and creating a bounty hunting empire over time that spans the galaxy. Of course, the argument could be made that these two men would probably never work with each other. Fair enough. Give each one of them his own storyline, and have them interact with each other over the span of the game. I don’t think this game would ever get old, considering how many different locales you could visit and how many bounties you could potentially collect.

5. Worlds Apart – the Disney MMO

This game would be – by far – the most difficult to conceptualize and create. What would happen if Tron’s world – for some unknown reason – managed to blend with the Marvel Universe, creating a world where all superheroes were rendered essentially powerless? Make that reason a computer virus, and you could even bring in Star Wars; the virus causes ships to light jumps and travel back in time, and bam. You have a Disney/Marvel/Star Wars set up. I understand this one may not sound that appealing – listen. I said it was hard to conceptualize. But the idea of these three worlds interacting on a level playing field is very, very appealing.

Other ideas:

6. Hello Han – a dating simulator where Han Solo attempts to woo multiple Disney princesses at once.

7. How to Train your Jedi – a Kinect game where Yoda and Mickey Mouse teach children to wield a lightsaber.

8. Marvel Cantina – manage a desert bar where Marvel characters come to relax and tell stories after fighting battles.

9. Jasmine and Leia: A Princess Tale – a point-and-click tale of two princesses trying to find their places in the galaxy.

10. Aquatic Alarm – take control of Ariel in an action game to prevent her ocean turning into Kamino.

11. Battlefront III – a man can dream, right?

What games do you want to see? Drop us a note on Twitter or on Facebook. And thanks for reading!