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Dem-OH! June Round-up

Just crown me King of demos because this month we have:

  • 2 Previews
  • 23 Demos
  • 100 SteamNextFest Titles

It’s been a crazy one – guaranteeing we have something to pique everyone’s interest! Let us know on Twitter.

What games have we introduced you to?

What are you most hyped for? 

Which demo had you going “Oh, Dem!”? …that doesn’t really work.

Demo Previews

tERRORbaneDemo on Steam

Check out the Preview here!

A ridiculous parody of jRPGs with a creation vs. creator twist that is bound to bring a smile to your face as the digital world falls apart around you. Whether it’s having a crate of pears join your party, picking up a door as an item, or having the developer themselves constantly jumping in to clear things up, this one is sure to revive your nostalgia and summon laughter throughout.

Hell ArchitectPrologue Demo on Steam

Check out the Preview here!

The underworld may seem like fun and games to demons but nothing is more hellish than middle-management. A new sinner gets cast down every minute and its up to you to make sure they’re put to work and survive (just enough) to keep the system running smoothly and the tortured screams of the suffering damned a-flowing.


Switchball HDDemo on Steam

A HD re-release of Switchball from 2007. A classic Marble Madness-esque rolling puzzle ‘platformer’ with the twist of switching ball types mid-stage to tackle the many different obstacles. Become a heavy metal ball to push through tougher materials, or a floaty plastic ball in order to use fans for a vertical boost. Relaxing and nostalgic – they just don’t make games like this anymore.

Death and TaxesDemo on Steam

Can you handle the overbearing moral dilemma of having to decide which lives to take? Will you choose to follow the rules laid down by forces beyond your control or go against the grain to save those you deem worthy? Read their files, make your choice, and pay the consequences in this grim take on the role of a reaper.

Nemezis: Mysterious Journey IIIPrologue Demo on Steam

Separated from your partner by a teleportation error and seemingly lost on the mysterious alien planet of Regilus, find your way back to each other with only the help of a suspicious guide by exploring the different locations and solving puzzles.

Clouzy!Demo on Steam

An over-the-top cutesy game about running a day care centre for pet clouds(?). With your giant anime-eyes pet cat, gather ingredients to make remedies for and feed the clouds in your custody. Solve puzzles, plant trees in the orchards, and enjoy wandering around this weird colourful dream-world.

Falling TortureDemo on Itch.io

You’re on fire and you must fall. Try to navigate the burning man to the bottom of each bizarre looking stage with the best score possible. Is it a game? Is it conceptual art? Who’s to say.

TrifoxDemo on Steam

A new (and beautiful) action adventure brawler that somehow feels like a nostalgia-ridden classic. Take the role of different classes and master each one by battling your way through the hordes on enemies each heart-pumping level throws at you.

Cybel Coming soon to Kickstarter with Demo on Steam

Hotline Miami meets Ape Out in Hell. Blast and slash your way through hardcore enemies and security systems in a thrilling, challenging, and demanding test of your skills. Push your reflexes even further by taking on the different challenges in each level – deathless run, time-trial, fists only, and the extra-hard Bloodmoon mode. A thrashing good time with a sweet design and a lore that teases just enough to have you begging for answers.

Frogun On Kickstarter with Demo

Hop your away around old-school 3D platforming challenges using your trusty frog (chameleon) gun that can grab and then fire enemies and decorations, activate levers, and, best of all, be used to pull you across gaps for some hectic and dangerous challenges.

They Are Here Demo on Steam

A first-person horror game based around the classic conspiracy of farmers, crop circles, and alien abductions. Make your way through the home of the missing residents and piece together what happened to them in this hauntingly tense take on the mystery of the greys.

Rogue Spirit Demo on Steam

A rogue-lite action game with the twist of being able to possess dead enemies, that can have different abilities and randomly rolled stats. This makes for some RPG-like decisions and tactical gameplay around when you’re forced to leave a particularly powerful body behind for some much needed healing or to plan around the moves of particular character types. Build up your skills, unlock new abilities, and play through the entire first area in this positively addicting demo.

Cyjin: The Cyborg Ninja On Kickstarter with Demo on Steam

This one feels like an old Flash game taken to the next level. Control all your movements with just the mouse as you dash, slice, and parry your way through a range of obstacles, enemies, and security systems with accurate guiding clicks and precision timing. Are you fast enough on your feet to handle the rapid-fire wall-jumping madness?

UnMetal Demo on Steam

Play as Jesse Fox, the worlds most unreliable narrator, as he recounts the story of escaping from a military prison for a crime he allegedly didn’t commit. Stealth around, hunt down items to progress, and laugh yourself silly with this half old-school Metal Gear style game and half complete comedic farce.

Tracks of Thought Demo on Steam

Make moral decisions and help the lovely folks you meet on a train in this narratively-driven RPG. Sadly we couldn’t progress too far in this one but there are supposed to be elements of a card-combat system that is built around emotions and argument-building to repair tense situations and fix relationships.

Happy Game Demo on Steam

A sort of point-and-click adventure game(?) about a kid’s journey through a land of nightmares. Puzzle your way through a world of horrific visions and traumatic interactions as you try to keep the little one safe.

Demon Turf Demo on Steam

Make your way through challenging trials en route to the Demon King’s castle in this beautiful 2D/3D platformer and show him who’s boss once and for all. Collect hidden sweets in each level to buy unique ability mods and take advantage of the power to drop three checkpoints wherever you want throughout each level. Learn the stages, plan your path, and blast through them as fast as you can if you want to get the trophies!

DEATHRUN TV Demo on Steam

A hectic twin-stick shooter. If you’re going to participate in the greatest gameshow on earth you better be ready to bring it! Shoot, slash, and explode your way through hordes of monsters, traps, and obstacles to keep the viewers happy. Get showered in Likes for saving civilians, pulling off awesome slow-mo dodges, and building up huge combos.

The Riftbreaker Demo on Steam

A base-building action-RPG. As a scientist on a foreign planet you must do what you can to survive. Build your base, set up resource chains, and protect your self from hostile lifeforms. If you want to live long enough to study this new world, you’re going to have to adapt your strategy, terraform the land with technology, and fight with everything you’ve got.

Severed Steel Demo on Steam

An FPS so fast you’ll need to use bullet-time just to wipe the sweat from your brow. Wall run, slide, dive, shoot, kick, punch, throw, and arm cannon your way through waves of heavily aggressive guards at break-neck speeds. Change weapons frequently and strategically to make the most of the few safe openings available and have a total blast dying over and over as you are pushed to improve time and time again.

The Corruption Within Demo on Steam

Everything is at stake in this point-and-click adventure thriller. Be forced to interact with the creepiest of people at your most vulnerable in a mad scramble to find your wife and daughters, who went missing on a camping trip. A stylish and eerie take on a classic genre.

Gatewalkers Demo on Steam

An infinitely playable action-RPG with survival mechanics that builds its quest worlds procedurally. Tackle the wilderness, hostile wildlife, and the intriguing story of ancient Gatewalker technology that has been lost to history alone or with up to three others players. Build your own class via crafting, a talent tree, and special ultimate upgrades. Can you survive the unknown?

Alien Scumbags Demo on Steam

An impish 2D action platformer stuffed with secrets to hunt, monsters to blast, and classic action catch-phrases to chuckle at. Alien Scumbags was clearly developed by a team of huge action and horror nerds – it wears its love for them on its sleeve and pays homage every chance it gets. It’s a simple game that’s full of humour and adoration for the golden age of heroes.

The Lightbringer Demo on Steam

A cute 3D puzzle platformer. Collect crystals, throw your boomerang at blobs of slime, and double jump your way across platforming areas. Perhaps a little too simple for some, people on the lookout for something just a little more laid back may just find it in The Lightbringer.

Vesper Demo on Steam

With no way to fight back you’ll have to stay on your toes to stealth past hostile patrols and keep your wits about you to carve a path through the many obstacles that block your way in this 2D puzzle platformer. Vesper asks a lot of questions and answers none of them, pulling me deeper into the weird world and unknown cause of the conflicts that have caused such destruction.

The Steam Next Fest

After setting myself the challenge on getting through 100 games in 48 hours over the weekend I knew it would be tough but I had no idea how many problems we’d run into. Power cuts, demos crashing my entire OS, and, worst of all, YouTube deciding to delete the entire first day of content – 20 hours of streaming.

It was an uphill battle but we did it! It was thrilling, punishing, and a ton of fun.

Thanks everyone that was a part of it!

Below you’ll find lists of all the games played and their quick ratings as well as links to four livestream videos (including the dead one – I just can’t say goodbye) and two new videos I made briefly going over the titles that we lost the content for. I wanted to be able to explain how I felt about each one and sort of justify the ratings I gave them. It just didn’t feel fair without any context being available.

NOTE: Ratings are basically representative of how much I enjoyed the demo and the likelihood that I’ll come back to the title in the future (or even would liked to have continued playing it right then), with regards to gameplay, quality, and (of course) personal preference to genre, etc.

RIP 20 hours of demo content. We will never forget you.

Day 1 – Pt. 1 (Overview – no gameplay)

1. Alekon (3)
2. Black Book (4)
3. Blaster Master Zero 3 (4)
4. Catizens (2)
5. City of Beats (4)
6. Dagon: by H. P. Lovecraft (4)
7. Death Trash (3)
8. Dodgeball Academia (5)
9. EchoBlade (2)
10. Ember Knights (3)
11. Escape from Naraka (4)
12. Get Together: A Coop Adventure (3)
13. Gladihaters (1)
14. GLITCHED (3)
15. Grotto (3)
16. Hello Puppets: Midnight Show (3)
17. I Am Fish (1)
19. KeyWe (5)
20. Keyword (4)
21. Kingdom Gun (3)
22. Moons of Darsalon (4)
23. Mortal Sin (5)

Day 1 – Pt. 2 (Overview – no gameplay)

24. Norco (4)
25. Nuke Zone (3)
26. Organs Please (2)
27. Outsider: After Life (3)
28. Rainbow Billy: The Curse of the Leviathan (4)
29. Rocket Rumble (3)
30. Rog & Roll (3)
31. Rogue Lords (3)
32. Shillelagh (3)
33. Swarm the City (3)
34. Tandem: A Tale of Shadows (4)
35. The Crackpet Show (3)
36. The Great Hide n Seek Expawdition (1)
37. The Legend of TianDing (4)
38. The Plane Effect (3)
39. The Rewinder (3)
40. Tiny Thor (3)
41. Unsighted (5)
42. Warhammer 40k: Battlesector (3)
43. White Shadows (2)
44. Wolfstride (4)
45. Ys IX: Monstrum Nox (3)

Day 2

To get around the YouTube 12 hour restriction we decided to split the second day into two separate streams. It was only after the end of the second stream, at which point I was totally exhausted and ready to collapse on my bed, that I did a quick recount only to discover I was shy three games. I couldn’t let the challenge beat me, especially not after coming so close, so I quickly booted up OBS again and jumped right back in for Pt. 3. At midnight. After streaming for 40 hours…

Pt. 1

46. The Rocket Stop Incident (2)
47. Dipod: The Foot Legacy (1)
48. Out of Line (4)
49. Extra Coin (3)
50. TOEM (3)
51. Faith: The Unholy Trinity (3)
52. Lifeslide (4)
53. Pinku Kult Hex Mortis (3)
54. Terrain of Magical Expertise (2)
55. Goblin Stone (3)
56. Golf Club: Wasteland (4)
57. Metal Mind (2)
58. Giants Uprising (2)
59. Anvil Saga (2)
60. Gigapocalypse (1)
61. Flewfie’s Adventure (2)
62. Ephesus (1)
63. Tormented Souls (5)
64. Fallen Knight (3)
65. Grime (1)
66. Sacred Fire (4)
67. Terra Nil (4)
68. The Last Cube (4)
69. Lost Eidolons (3)
70. Kitaria Fables (3)
71. Harmony’s Odyssey (4)
72. Haven Park (2)
73. Freshly Frosted (4)
74. Grapple Hoops (4)
75. Unpacking (5)
76. Sail Forth (2)
77. Sable (3)

Day 2 – Pt. 2

78. Recipe for Disaster (2)
79. There is No Light (4)
80. Faerie Afterlight (3)
81. Patron (2)
82. REVERSE (3)
83. Defend the Rook (4)
84. Road 96 (4)
85. Lost at Sea (1)
86. Abomi Nation (1)
87. Spire of Sorcery (2)
88. Blooming Business Casino (1)
89. Dread Templar (3)
90. Mech Armada (4)
91. AK-xolotl (3)
92. Cyber Warrior (4)
93. Omno (3)
94. Super Dungeon Maker (3)
95. The Big Con (3)
96. Rabbit Hole (4)
97. Creas (3)

Day 2 – Pt. 3

98. Hyper Echelon (4)
99. The Lost and The Wicked (5)
100. To The Rescue! (3)