Dawn of Magic

Dawn of Magic is an up and coming challenger to the RPG scene and puts up a fight as well. The game is nicely presented: simple menus and options. When you start the game comes with an idiot-proof tutorial that explains all the basics down to the tee. It is good that they have put something like this in for new RPG players. The seasoned players of this genre will most likely want to skip it as it nearly put me to sleep because if you have played games such as Neverwinter Nights, Dungeon Siege, and other similar titles, it is best to skip the tutorial because it has pretty much the same control system with the odd tweak which doesn’t take a genius to figure out. The game comes with a network option so you can play over a LAN-Network or over the internet. Unfortunately I didn’t get to try this out, but hopefully I will when the full product gets released.

The story to this game is pretty generic in terms of the world of magic and monsters. Main character exiled away from origins; main character gets mad and wants to get back at those who banished him and those who stand in his way. Usually with stories like this the main character is mad at the world and everyone and turns up good in the end. With this, it is down to the player. Like most Bioware titles and of course Fable, you can be a goody two-shoes and help people or you can be a badass and murder people as soon as they look at you.

The graphics to the game are very nice and everything seems to have the ‘Bloom’ effect that most games have today. It still looks very pretty – in a way it’s similar to World of Warcraft. One really nice thing to see in this RPG which a lot of them are starting to include is how the character changes when you equip a different piece of armour. A lot of people would care about this, but when you equip something like ‘Armour of death’ and in most RPGs your character doesn’t change and he/she still looks like a weakling. In Dawn of Magic it changes and looks like what you would expect it to with its name. There are some really nice effects when you cast spells and some very nice monster and scenery design. It is not a hog for resources which is always a good thing with PC games.

Dawn of Magic looks like a promising RPG to come and will hopefully be a big seller because the problem with role-playing games are that people are afraid of change and don’t usually like to try something new. This is something that feels new yet very familiar at the same time.

The game automatically assigns what it thinks your pc can handle. As with most pc games that do this it really underestimates the PC it is on. So if you have a similar PC to the one this was tested on then just whack it all to the top as I did and all should be fine. If your settings are too high you will get a warning message saying that something will need to be turned down or the frame rate will drop dramatically. On a final note, here is what kind of PC it was tested on:

AMD64 3400+
GeForce 6800GT 256RAM
Ageia PhysX PCI Card
Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit External