DarkZero’s top 5 games of E3

The Legend Of Zelda

Yes, we know it was just a short video, it was only a small glance of a game that wont arrive till summer 2005 at the earliest but what a video it was. In a age when almost all secrets get leaked days or even weeks before an event happens we got a huge surprise at E3. Anyone that looked at the live feed or saw a video afterward must have felt a chill. Even if you are one of the few that are not a fan of the Zelda series you can’t argue with a reaction like that and it is that very reason that sees The Legend Of Zelda takes top spot in or E3 top 5.


Resident Evil 4

Yes Resident Evil, the series that was in a rut this time last year managed to squeeze in front of many other top name titles From the time is was announced in mid February there has been an air of excitement around the game. Sure the graphic have been give a almighty reworking but it looked like Capcom had done more than that. The gameplay had changed, Resi was now in full 3D there was new camera angles and there was a guy with a fricken chainsaw! How could you not love a game like that. A few months passed and then at E3 we even deeper into the game and more importantly how the new gameplay was working out. We were very pleased and that is why Resi 4 gets second place.


Metal Gear Solid 3

Yes, the third installment of Hideo Kojima’s “Tactical Espionage Action” series gets a well deserved third place in our top 5. Son of Liberty may have been thought of by some as a slight disappointment, but from what we have seen from MGS 3 the same mistake will not be made again. Kojima is back in form and the whole game looks and plays spectacular. The new jungle setting is the prefect step up for the series and we can guarantee you will be pleased once the game is released


Halo 2

Bungie have been drip feeding us screens and telling us how great the game will be for almost a year. It would have taken a disaster of epic proportion for the game to be disappointing and gladly this never happened. From the video we have all seen to the playable multiplayer Zanzibar level every looked close to perfection. Bungie seem to be doing the impossible and living up to the hype that surrounds the game. We have only seen a small glimpse of what is to come when the full game is release there is no bad words coming form anyone about this game and that is why Halo 2 takes number 4 in our top 5


Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
[size=8]Retro Studios[/size]

It was the first game shown at the Nintendo press conference, it wasn’t a surprise and we knew it was going to be shown but it clawed it was in at the final place in or top 5, the added extra of the light and dark worlds should make the game a interesting play. The graphic are a step up from before and everyone who play it only hand good words to say. It definitely deserves a place in out top 5. Oh, and dark Samus rules!!


Infact there was to many fantastic games showcased at this years E3, so many good games infact that this E3 has been hailed as one of the best in recent years. Because of this we have chosen to include a few extra games. They may not have made it into the top five but they are still feverishly anticipated among the DarkZero staff. Think of them as honorable mentions if you will.

One of the more high profile games to not make it in the top 5 was Gran Turismo 4, it managed to scrape together 3 votes from our staff which was 11 votes less than our top game but it is still should be a hotly anticipated title for all PlayStation owners. Other titles which hit the illustrious 3 vote mark were Starfox, Animal Crossing DS, Final Fantasy 12, Super Mario 64×4, Conker, Geist and Paper Mario 2. What info can we gather from this, well it seems like DS will be a popular handheld, Mario still rules. Rare still has “it” and we like sequels! Go back and check ever game we named was either a sequel or a remake (except Geist). Shocking!!!