Staff Discussion: E3 Edition

E3 Thoughts?


[size=8] Well, being only a Nintendo gamer, that’s what I looked at the most. However, I have had a glance of the PSP.

The PSP appears to be a little big from pictures I have seen, which doesn’t really bother me, but I wasn’t too keen on the look of the thing. Don’t ask why, I have no idea. I am yet to really look into this machine and see its functions, I really don’t know much about this machine at all, so I have no real opinions of it yet.

The Nintendo DS. Wow. I was very impressed, having watched Nintendo show it on a webcast. Being lazy, it sounds cool that I’ll just be able to touch enemies on Metroid to kill them, anyone with fast fingers could be god like on such a game. The possibility of graphics better than the N64 also surprised me, especially with that short clip of the DS running Metroid, it looked sweet to say the least. Either way, I want one.

Zelda was the show stealer for me. I was unhappy that the next Legend of Zelda game was to be cel-shaded, and then Nintendo, the little buggers, have been lying all the time. I wasn’t going to buy the next Zelda game based on my feelings about Wind Waker, but now my mind is totally changed and I will be pre-ordering ASAP!

Well, that’s the very few things I have seen of E3.[/size]



[size=8]Having all available current-gen console, I was interested to see what would be offered although I missed all the live broadcasts and conferences and went straight for all the videos I could find.

The PSP is a little larger than I anticipated – I think seeing specs and then the actual dimensions in the flesh are quite separate things. However, a number of screengrabs show the PSP as it was being held by a spokesman for Sony – watch the video and you will see it really isn’t as big as it appears when being held by the very edges to give the E3 crowd a better view The games look absolutely spanking, and this is one machine I will probably be getting on US import – although admittedly some of the PlayStation stable like NFS/Ridge Racer and Tony Hawks aren’t really my thing. Still, we have seen that the machine will be able to deliver the goods – now lets hope it sees the same 3rd party support that the PlayStation home console did.

The DS looks equally impressive in my eyes, and certainly Nintendo fans were in for a treat as portable versions of Mario Kart/Super Mario and Metroid were announced. I personally am dubious that these titles alone will win over the legions of Xbox and PlayStation fans out there – these appear to me to be more of a boone to existing Ninty fans. Still, the prospect of WIFI and Bluetooth gaming is pretty interesting, particularly looking at something like Animal Crossing; but how using a stylus to write lengthy missives will be is another issue to bear in mind. Still, I suppose if a palm-pc can do it…. The backwards compatibility is another winning feature for this machine.

The “realistic” Zelda nearly had me in tears of joy – and admittedly I’m not that big of a Zelda fan, even though I enjoyed OOT and The Wind Waker. This, Resi 4 and Paper Mario are my Ninty moments. On PS2, Silent Hill 4 and GTA:SA win the prize – and, as of yet, I have not pursued any Xbox titles. This was certainly an E3 to marvel at – yet one thing bothers me. Already Sony’s foray into the handheld market is being written off by some; perhaps a little prematurely. The reasons for this are manifold it would seem – 2 hour battery life! Too big! Too ugly! Perhaps the E3 euphoria machine causes these outbursts, and, in the words of a fellow forumite, “E3 turns what seem like completely normal people into gibberish spewing idiots”; perhaps it would be prudent to see what the future hold rather than putting all our eggs in one glanced-over basket.[/size]



[size=8]All I can say is that, in my opinion, the DS is looks so much better than the PSP, simply because the PSP is just a portable games console with good graphics and good media capabilities – sounds like the N-Gage doesn’t it?

Anyway, I was expecting to DS to be some kooky console that Nintendo thought was great, but was actually really crap and gimmicky, how wrong i was, IT IS AMAZING. their innovation is coming through again, this is the Nintendo of old – giving people what they really want, rather than what they think they want, and then blowing them away. I am so happy right now[/size]



[size=8] 2004: The year Nintendo came back [/size]



[size=8]The DS really stole the show. I keep going back and having another look at it, it is amazing. I still can’t believe that those screenshots came from something so small.
The PSP looks a bit on the large side, but I will have to wait and see what the games are like before I make a decision. I am very tempted by the fact that the PSP will have Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children put onto a UMD. I will definitely want to see how that turns out.

2004, the year of the portable, E3 was definitely portable based as the DS and PSP were unveiled and not much else I have heard of. I have a feeling that Nintendo are going to have a good year, and good luck to them. [/size]



[size=8] I must say that thus far I’ve been incredibly impressed by all of the big 3. With X-Box showing Halo 2 and the new handhelds from Sony and Nintendo I really think that they’ve all given us something to look forward to.

Looking over the numerous web forums I’ve noticed, quite understandably so, that the main bulk of talk is on the subject of the handhelds. Whether its the amazing power of the PSP or the innovation of the DS everyone’s got something to say. I must admit that I’ve been exactly the same, searching for every video and pic that I can lay my hands on.

After the initial excitement I’m really not too sure about either now, I’ve no doubt I’ll own both when they’re released but neither is without their problems. The PSP seems a teeny bit on the large side and I don’t think we’ve seen anything actually running on the hardware yet. The DS I’m just not sure about, the graphics are good but nothing mind-blowing – especially if the PSP delivers on its promises. I also think the double screen hasn’t really been used too well, if you really think about it there’s nothing been shown that wouldn’t work with just the one.

Zelda was a massive surprise, I wish there’d been another game in the vein of Wind Waker as I really loved those graphics and the game world seemed to work really well. Oh well, the masses have spoken and they have what they want. I can’t imagine it being anything less than superb.

The last of the things I’ve been really interested in is Halo 2. I just can’t wait to get this, it looks simply amazing. And that’s all I can say about it, I’m sure everyone can appreciate the standard of the game.

So considering we’re around 24 hours into E3 and there’s 4 absolute must haves – two of them being new consoles – I’d say its been damn good so far. Here’s hoping the rest of the week lives up to the high standards set so far.[/size]



[size=8]I haven’t seen much so far, but the biggest thing this E3 in my mind is how Nintendo have literally screwed Sony in the Handheld market. The only thing I can see that the PSP has going for it is the large screen, but without a cover that is just going to be a scratch magnet in my mind,. The DS on the other hand has a lot more going for it, I won’t bother saying what as I’m sure everyone knows. In my mind they’ve showed Sony what’s what after they tried to play them at their own game with EyeToy.

Other things I’ve noticed are Zelda (of course), Halo 2 and Star wars republic commando. To me it looks like a cross between rainbow 6 and halo with a Star Wars theme. I’m really looking forward to that one.[/size]



[size=8] Rokhed is right. Nintendo have shown Sony how this market works with the DS but people forget that Nintendo are working on the next GBA which will take on the PSP!
Also Nintendo will market at a much lower price due to them making their money from games on the GBA/DS
And The games Nintendo have coming out are much more appealing then the Sony’s one’s as the DS has everything coming to the PSP (Except metal gear) and then Nintendo’s stable on top.

All Nintendo need to do is get out before the PSP in Japan, with some big hitters and away she goes.[/size]



[size=8]The DS offers real innovations in the way we will play games. The PSP offers nothing in that department. Its selling point will be an advanced GBA with added features. Great if your into all these added features but nothing innovative there – the idea of combining many different forms of entertainment in a portable has been doing the rounds for ages. Both systems look good but there is only one portable that offers a real alternative to what is on the market at the moment. [/size]


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