Staff Discussion: E3 2005

E3 is only a little more than 2 weeks away. What are you most looking forward to? What do you want to see? Elaborate on anything.

At E3 this year, and with the birth of the next generation of home consoles, I hope to see a variety of new games taking advantage of physics. With the next generation, I think there will be a real opportunity to present something ‘new’ taking advantage of its increased use in games, rather than simply relying on graphics.

Already demonstrated in games like Half Life 2, the potential with the new hardware to exceed and present this idea in a new and original way, in my view is a very exciting prospect and one which I hope will be very evident at this years E3.

I want Nintendo to (hopefully) blow my socks off with the Revolution, I want to see people’s jaws hit the floor as the new era of gaming is unveiled. Oh! and Mario 128, what have they been doing the last few years with it? It had better be impressive!

I will be quite interested in the PSP and DS side of things at this years E3, although coverage on both looks to be pretty scant at the minutes (heres hoping for some late appearances!) With both consoles offering so much potential to the handheld market, I would truly like to see what the following year has in store.

Naturally, the pull of all 3 major competitors console isn’t too shabby either. I’m looking forward to seeing what these machines are reputed to be able to do. Probably the item I’m most keen to catch up on is The City of Metronome, which is rumoured to be an Xbox360 title but (according to the official site anyway) will be showcased to potential publishers at the event.

However, I think most of my excitement for home console gaming is reserved for the late current-gen titles; things like The Shadow of the Colossus, new Zelda etc have really fired up my enthusiasm. Bring it, E3!

When it comes to games there isn’t anything I want more information about, a few surprises for the DS would be appreciated though.

Basically I want hardware this time around. I want the Xbox to end up being more than just a beast at visuals and the same goes for the PS3. Any info on the Revolution would be nice but personally I think they should keep it like a bit of a mystery just yet. Online plans for DS revealed as well as the games that support it.

Now that I think of it I’m not looking forward to E3 that much at all. All the more it can surprise me, and that’s what I’m hoping for.

Apart from the obvious need for information on all three next generation consoles and their games, I’m quite interested in any new games that will be on show for the PSP and the Nintendo DS. At the moment I own neither, and am intrigued in what both companies can come up with to convince me into buying one.

Then of course there is The Legend of Zelda, which quite frankly looks stunning at the moment, and I crave any new info I can get my hands on.

E3 for me holds the key to the future for MANY 3rd party companies.
If there is a severe lack of big upcoming and WANTED games from 3rd parties, I’m worried for their futures. Now with Namco and Bandai merging, it shows that even the biggest of 3rd parties are not safe.
We also will finally get solid info on the upcoming Legend of Zelda. For me Zelda is the last great franchise. Seen by many to be unspoilt by spin off’s. And Link remains the last great character who can sell games on his name alone.
I look forward to DS online info, as well as seeing if the PSP really can offer anything to out-do a technically inferior DS.
Revolution news, PS3 info, all bodes well.
As it goes. Blades will bleed, Shields will shatter, but as the light fades, Will Nintendo rise again?

To sum up E3 in a small paragraph; a hard job it may be. E3 2005 could be one of the most exciting and important in recent years. With the possibility of the 3 major companies’ unveiling their new consoles within 24 hours it is the realization of a gamers dream.

With new consoles comes new games and that is what E3 is all about, 100’s of brand new titles will be shown. But we should not forget the consoles we have already, the last wave of games will be shown for Xbox, GameCube, Ps2 and a new wave of games will appear for the PSP and DS.

What will be the E3 game of the year in 2005, there are already a lot of games to choose from but something tells me the GOTY may be a game we know absolutely nothing about yet!

Things I am looking forward to/hoping to see at E3 this year.
I am very interested in Nintendo’s online plans for both the DS and Revolution. I’m hoping they can match Xbox Live for features, so I’m hoping to see universal friends lists, voice communication and messaging all as standard on the Revolution and possibly on the DS too, as it has a built in microphone. I will probably end up disappointed on that one though, as something tells me, it being free, will be more like PS2 online.
I’m also looking forward to the Xbox 360, not so much for the hardware, but the software, it being the first next gen machine due for launch I am expecting a decent amount of software to be shown for it, some sequels, some new games, but either way I want to know what the 360 will have to offer gameswise.

I’d really like to see Nintendo make an agressive move this time around. Revolution for sure would be one of the things I’m looking forward to. Mario-128 has been in development too long! With that, I want a Revolution release, and perhaps co-op play with Mario and Luigi? That’d be nice. Among other things, I’d like to see Nintendo announce some launch titles for Revolution. Then perhaps show a video each month for a new game until the launch? It’d keep fans hyped and ready to pull from their wallets. Microsoft is going the right way, and I’d really like to see some trailers for Halo 3, perhaps Fable 2, and other things. Like many others, the thing I want most from E3 is Zelda 2005! Trailers, game footage, all that good junk. Somehow I find that this will be one of the most memorable E3’s ever – even if we’re not there.

Im most looking forward to the showings of the XBOX360. Microsoft are certainly creating a lot of hype about the new console so i hope its going to be something special.

As for Nintendo, I want them to make me buy their new consoles and more games for the GameCube. To be honest, I’ve felt disappointed with the GameCube, for starters the lack of memory really does annoy me, also, many of the 3rd party games are better on the XBOX. XBOX is more powerful and has Live capabilties. So yeah, if they (Nintendo) dazzle me with their online system then I will be happy. Also, the new Zelda….looking awesome.

Hopefully this will be the E3 of Nintendo and XBOX360.

E3, it’s that time of the year when many companies make it or break it with new games and hardware. I’m very interested in what Nintendo will be doing for the DS with online play and hopefully see what the Revolution looks like if that pops up. Though with Microsoft advertising the Xbox 360 on MTV2 just before E3 there is bound to be lots of hype so I’m really looking forward to what they’ll be doing.

I am most looking forward to The Legend of Zelda, and what Nintendo has on offer for the Revolution. Hopefully, it isn’t empty promises. Hopefully, it can draw a response from the crowds, helping Nintendo along in gaining a bigger slice of the console market. They need it, and the hype machine needs to get rolling.

As well as that, hopefully some truely innovative software for the DS, in the vein of Yoshi’s Touch and Go, but with goals and extended lengths. I’m also interested in the PSP.

That’s it for this week, we’ll be back next week with a new staff discussion.