Staff Discussion: If the Nintendo DS fails?

[size=9] If The DS Fails? [/size]


[size=8]Keep on promoting it to death until the GBA next is released and then they can let it slip away quietly. Otherwise it will seem a defeat at the hands of Sony and that GBA next is a rushed job, especially to mainstream gamers who will see the DS as a GameBoy no matter how much Nintendo rams it down people’s throats. To be honest I can’t see it conquering the world, and Nintendo should make the average gamer realize this. As long as the marketing for both handhelds is different enough I can’t see either failing. As long as GBA next is seen as PSP’s direct competitor then I’m sure Ds could live on its own cult fan base hidden away from the constraints of the mainstream. [/size]



[size=8]It is going to be extremely interesting to see how this will be perceived in the mainstream especially in the western countries… in Japan it will take off that’s a given, it remains to be seen how much effort they will put into promoting this to us often ignored Europeans. if they successfully push the console then it will sell it to us Europeans which is its most untapped market at the moment. some may disagree but until Nintendo starts to treat us Europeans with the same respect they do to there other markets. I don’t think the DS will take off.

At the moment i cannot see the DS being a huge success…

But whatever happens Nintendo will push this innovative idea along with its connectivity plan for all the consoles to connect together.

But one thing Nintendo won’t let happen is the console failing massively that it just will not do. even if it has to push it alongside games and other console bundles, it will do that to make sure we all get a glimpse of its future plans. [/size]



[size=8]If the DS fails…. so what? Nintendo is worth millions, i could understand Nintendo calling it a day if the next 5 consoles fail, but right now its in no financial risk at all, in all honesty i cant see the DS failing, call me blindly optimistic but i think this machine has the potential to beat the PSP threat, Nintendo wouldn’t back it if it wasn’t good…… [/size]



[size=8]If the DS fails Nintendo are screwed, the handheld market is the only place they really have a firm grip on and, in my view, releasing the DS is nothing short of committing commercial suicide, it’s highly likely to be a huge flop and if it is Nintendo have nothing to fall back on. [/size]



[size=8]I think Nintendo will be in big trouble if the DS fails, i too thin that the handheld market is Nintendo’s only strongpoint at the moment.

The cube has sold poorly in comparison to the PS2 and unless N5 becomes a success, Nintendo will be limited in what they can do.

Firstly, they could just do software for the rival consoles. Many people would be unhappy though – Nintendo’s magic on Sony’s/MS’ systems.

Secondly, they could advertise and price-cut and try to sell more systems. This has worked for the Cube, but will it work again?

Basically, Nintendo, in my opinion, is in for a rocky ride over the next few years. If DS fails and the N5 fails then they are knackered – and the only thing i see them producing is games for X Box 2 and the PS3. However, if they win over the market, then Nintendo will survive for years to come. [/size]



[size=8]In my opinion there is neither the demand nor a reason for Nintendo to take on a risk on releasing the DS. The handheld market is going to fall to Sony when the PSP is released as the long running Game boy range has failed to innovate or seriously advance the games available and is turning out games on the same level as the SNES and Mega Drive. This may come as a surprise that I say that there is no need for the DS, but I feel that a new piece of hardware (with such an obvious gimmick that will inevitably raise the production costs unnecessarily) is not the way to go.

The GBA and GBA SP have added a color screen but nothing more. I see the real problem as the actual games. Nintendo will lose out to Sony in the long run because they don’t seem to be releasing interesting games that cannot be found on alternative formats. Perhaps this is a harsh view but for the insane prices that Nintendo charge for SNES ports are shameful.

The DS will probably fail as those who would typically buy it will have bought the GB, GB pocket, GB color, GB Advanced and GB SP and will have probably got bored of buying pieces of hardware when the games are barely advancing. People may say it is not strictly a new addition to the Game boy range but to me this is the market it appeals to.

If and when the DS is seen to be a moderate failure (spectacular is going a bit far) then Nintendo will basically have a last chance with the next console ‘N5’ or whatever it is to be called. Fans seem oblivious to the deteriorating reputation of Nintendo from those outside of the bubble, and whether you believe this to be true or not you really have to admit that Sony is going to take over all aspects of the gaming industry unless it shoots itself in the joypad or Nintendo re brand themselves into a innovative and successful corporation. [/size]



[size=8]I really don’t want it to fail, but I find it difficult to see how it is going to be successful. I mean if Nintendo had a really good reputation, then people may take a chance on it, but I think people are going to dismiss it as a crazy gadget. In see it going one of two ways:

1. It fails miserably, and Nintendo loses a whole load of money, and lose their position as a big market player. They stop producing the GameCube due to lack of funds, and the GameBoy loses market share to the PSP, and becomes a lesser alternative.


2. It becomes the next big thing – like the Teletubbies, and Yo-Yo’s. Nintendo makes a huge fortune, which they plough into the next GameCube, and marketing expenses. They become the Number 1 in Japan, and close second in the west. They start gaining market share on the PS2/3, and many PS2 exclusives are ported, and many development houses move to Nintendo, including EA. They also have enough money to successfully implement online gaming, and pioneer a new type of online technology, that completely changes online gaming – and it’s free.

Well who knows what is going to happen. I certainly hope that it is the latter, but more realistically, it will be something in between. We can always dream, can’t we. [/size]



[size=8]If the DS fails, I can’t see much happening to Nintendo. This is more of a concept idea, to see whether the gaming world is ready for large steps in a new direction, or whether they need to be smaller steps in the same direction for a while, before taking a late turn. I can personally see it as the second direction at this moment in time, as the gaming world doesn’t appreciate some things they should, and this should be one.

However, if ‘N5’ or ‘GBA2′ (obviously yet to have announced titles) fails, Nintendo will be in a huge situation. They will be facing a gaming world ignoring them, and they may have to leave the hardware market like Sega.

Plus the Cube has been successful, at least from what I was expecting. It has sold more than I expected it to (as with all 3 consoles really), and it obviously isn’t doing as well as the PS2 (people my age prefer PS2 ’cause of GTA having been out for a while, and that’s their only reason. Sad but true.) appeals to the mass audience, whereas the GameCube appeals to more of the complex style audience, of which there is less of an audience available. All 3 consoles have this appeal to complex styles, but the PS2 has other options open as well as the complex style.

Nintendo is not screwed yet, nor will they be until we find out what pushes them over the edge, and forces them out of our world. Only time will tell, and that’s what makes gaming great. [/size]


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