Staff Discussion: Resident Evil’s new look

[size=9]Resident Evil’s new look?[/size]



[size=8]I personally dislike the Resident Evil series. I find that it is only scary when they give you an insanely hard camera angle to work with; and throw limitless enemies at you constantly. I think that this game is looking the best yet; but I still think Silent Hill 4 will have better graphics; be scarier; and have better camera angles letting you actually be scared by the game, not the fact a zombie appears from no where because of the camera angle.

Saying that; Resi Evil 4 is looking very good graphically; and if they sorted out the camera troubles slightly more, it should be a pretty damn good game for me.[/size]



[size=8]I haven’t seen too much coverage of this game to be honest, but from the screens I have seen, it looks pretty tasty.

Resident Evil needs to do something different this time, there’s only so many times you can recycle the same game with a glossy new look. I know there were switchable playable characters last time but how much did that really add?

The controls of this series have always been functional at best and downright awkward at worst. I’d like to see proper analogue control in the new version, but I doubt it. Capcom seems to think that they can’t/won’t change how the game controls, so we’ll probably be left with the same system.

Graphically the game will undoubtedly look amazing, and it’s always a treat to have a game that looks so polished. The game will, in my opinion, stick with the same fixed camera angles as that is what allows it to generate many of it’s scares. You know, not quite being able to see what’s around that corner, even though you can see a shadow!

All in all, it’s a game I am looking forward to and will buy, but if it’s all just more of the same, I might lose faith in a very strong series.[/size]




[size=8]Judging by what I have seen a read about the game so far it look like it will be a huge step up from Capcom, rather than been just another number in the series to grab Capcom some money, they also seemed to be putting a lot more into the game this time than their precious efforts.

It look as if the game start off with you fighting off villager from a unnamed village, this could mean on of two things, either you have a version of the T-virus in you or the villagers are exhibiting the first sign of having it themselves, I personally hope it is Leon that has the virus in him as it would lead to more storyline possibilities in the game. I also believe that during the course of the game the villagers you fought at the start will turn into zombies so which would be another good idea.

The implementation of the action button should lead to a better game, as you can now jump through windows and climb ladders and open doors without having to look at that “open door loading sequence” that Capcom is now famous for.

Also Capcom have said you will be able to play in first person and third person perspective (the third person been very close behind you) which leads me to believe they have fixed the controls that annoyed may a gamer in the previous incarnations. Also the game been fully 3-D which means no more fixed camera which is a god-send!

The graphics speak for themselves everything looks full and fresh and it looks like another game that will push the power of the cube.

I personally cannot wait for this game, its release cannot come quick enough![/size]



[size=8]I have never really got into a Resident Evil game, and I have never felt the urge to either. I just think that it is a genre that does not suit me. It isn’t the fact that they are scary, I actually quite like that aspect of them. The aspect I don’t like, is the fact that you are always presented with the most abstract puzzles that may reward you, and are satisfying to solve, but are more about guessing, and working through the different possibilities, rather than about using the information you are given to work out the best way to do something, or to solve a puzzle. An example of this, is looking for the Chozo Artefacts, in Metroid Prime, or working out the best route through a level in Advance Wars. I realize, that because I have never played a game the whole way through, I cannot possibly have a sense of the atmosphere or an overall feel of the game. So, on to Resident Evil 4. I think that I am going to give the new version a chance, simply because it seems to have so many changes over all the other RE games, that it may just be different enough, in terms of controls and graphics, for me to like it. I realize that so many people like the series, and I want to know what I am missing out on![/size]




[size=8]See, the thing about the Resi series that I don’t like is that it always has to end up in labs/labyrinthine workplaces/spooky churches or whatever. Give me good old-fashioned b-movie zombie action running around shopping centers/towns/any place with hundreds of general civilians ala Resi3/Outbreak and I would be most happy. See, there’s only so much you can do in a lab/spooky house that’s interesting before you begin to get bored; bored of the same old scientists, workers and rabid guard dogs. Running around believable places is what really makes a survival horror hit home for me.

Then there are the mutated animals. Nice. Whoever decided that a giant genetically altered frog would be scary should be shot. What’s the deal with that? It’s for this reason I think Resi 0 lost the plot; a giant bat? Come on, already! Bring on the Tyrant and the Licker, things that at least show some thought has gone into their design! Giant animals just look lazy and unoriginal; the mutated dogs were ok, believable again, but what’s next? Giant man-eating snails? Please.

Its for this reason I’m more a Silent Hill fan; it just feels like so much more thought has gone into the design of the game than just the graphics; take a look at the new Silent Hill 4 trailer and see the weird stuff they have come up with this time. Konami and Tecmo (in the Project Zero series) have really done so much more in the development of survival horror as of late as far as I am concerned.

However, I have played all of the Resi’s to date, and will not miss this one; and admittedly, I have not been following the news on it as I don’t want the odd surprises the series throw at us to be ruined (plus it has Leon as the main character, the coolest Resi hero to date). Hopefully, some more fresh thinking will reignite the series. The screens look nice, but Resi’s have all looked nice since they hit the GC. Hopefully we will get more survival horror in new places than the same-old.

And if I have to endure another self-destruct sequence at the end I think I will have to murder someone.[/size]



[size=8]Doesn’t it look great? No-one can argue that. Easily the best looking game over all three formats – and apparently in full 3D. This leads me to think that Resident Evil 4 will not ship for ‘standard’ Gamecube, and may possibly be bundled with some kind of upgrade – Nintendo has done this before with both (cartridge based) SuperFX for SNES and Memory Expansion for N64. Whether its possible for something like that to be developed for Gamecube, is anyone’s guess, but I’d assume so.

The imagery leaked a few weeks ago looks dank, dark and disturbing. The big surprise was just how open everything looks – set in a shadowy village. Although i’m convinced there will be the typical mansion later in the game – we’ve previously seen a handful of shots taken from what looks like a mansion location.

So far, the only enemies seen have seen the a giant ogre creatures, the numerous villagers and the “blue ghost”, . The ogre is obviously a boss encounter. Villagers are said to be more ‘human’ and not traditional zombies, solving puzzles themselves and reacting to your behavior. Crucially, the “blue ghost” in my opinion confirms rumor that Leon (the playable character) is infected with some disease. I’d expect more traditional Zombies later in the game – and some major plot twists involving the now-defunct Umbrella (or former employees).

RE:4 is obviously far more dynamic than any other game – the context sensitive action button allows players to interact with the environment, pushing ladders and jumping through windows. This will be the main change to the game.

Capcom seemed to have taken games such as Silent Hill and Eternal Darkness to mind and developed a new experience for players. I’d guess its not the ‘revolution’ some would hope – but a pretty wide evolution. As to its future, its still “exclusive” to Nintendo GameCube and should provide a huge jump in unit sales.[/size]




[size=8]I think Ian calling it a bit tasty is somewhat of an understatement, this game will change survival horror forever, like Eternal Darkness tried to, but failed. The thing I am looking forward to the most is not the new fully 3D system, or the first person view or anything, I’m looking forward to the plot, Resident Evils plot has always gripped me since I played 2, 6 years ago, and the continuation of the Leon plot excites me even more, mark my words, this will be great. If not let me be struck by a flying ice cream truck….. and live![/size]


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