Staff Discussion: Will 2004 be better than 2003?

[size=9]Will 2004 be better than 2003?[/size]



[size=8]I don’t think that 2004 will compare to 2003. Personally, 2003 was an immense year for films especially, games and music.

The music in 2003 was excellent, we had new albums of NOFX and Sick of it All – two of my favorite bands. In 2004, I don’t think we have a lot to look forward to – perhaps only a new Bad Religion album.

Games in 2003 were also of top quality. We had Metroid Prime, Zelda, MKDD and many more excellent games. This also was a year when Nintendo was full of optimism – even critics were saying they had done well; particularly after the £80 price cut. 2004 only has a handful of games to look forward to – probably only MGS:TTS is making me anxious.

And finally – the films in 2003 will not be surpassed for many a year to come. If anyone watched the Baftas you would have saw hits such as – The Matrix, Pirates of the Caribbean, Hulk, LOTR:ROTK, Kill Bill to name a few. In 2004 i cant really name a film, bar Big Fish, that was good or i looked forward to.[/size]



[size=8]2004, there looks to be more exciting things outside of the electronic world, we have The Olympics, Euro 2004 among many more to come! So for the sporting fan [despite us winning the world cup last year] this year will be brilliant come summer!

Yet when we look at the digital electronic year of 2004 I have started with a bit more optimism as I did at the beginning of last year I had nothing to look forward to, as far as games were concerned, yet I couldn’t believe at the talent that came my way!

The Wind Waker, Metroid Prime, SSX3, Midnight Club 2, Need for Speed, Tony Hawk Underground…plus many more! Most of these I didn’t find out about until 6 months or more into the year so I’m set for yet another surprise come the end of the summer.

However I seem to know of a hell of a lot more games this year coming my way, namely, Driver 3, GTA: San Andreas, Tony Hawk 6, PES4, Final Fantasy X-2…and of course no doubt a ton more…so I cant really evaluate what is to come [games wise] until the year is out I suppose…

As for the film year, again, I don’t know what little gems I will see although I cant wait for the following: Kill Bill 2, The Village, Starsky and Hutch, Spiderman 2, The Day after tomorrow…these are all no doubt going to be chart toppers this year yet I cant really see any of them being nearly as good as the films that I had seen in the last quarter of last year one in particular; The Return of the King, which, no film is likely to beat for its sheer brilliance.

The year 2003 was pure brilliant, great games, great films, great new ideas, however 2004 seems to have so much more promise than 2003 ever had, maybe because I’m one year wise or maybe its genuinely true however will it deliver? I will tell you on the 31st December at 00:01.[/size]



[size=8]I think 2004 will be an improvement in some aspects. Many games people have talked about previously have been for the GameCube; whereas the PS2 has a rather interesting year ahead of it. The chance of such possible hits coming this way in 2004 is likely, with Grand Theft Auto 4, Gran Turismo 4, Metal Gear Solid 3, and others for all 3 consoles.

I don’t think 2004 will be an improvement for the music scene; as 2003 was an amazing year for me musically. However, I did think the same end of 2002, but 2003 ended up being a much better year in the end, so I am unsure what will happen.

For films… I’m undecided. My only highlight of last year was Lord of the Rings, and there is not another one coming… But the new Harry Potter film may be better than previous editions, as it has a new director. I’ll just have to wait and see.[/size]



[size=8]2003 was a strange year for me. I got well stuck into console games but left PC gaming well alone really. This year is already different as I have upgraded and have gotten back into PC gaming. So it’s that market that’s interesting me a lot at the moment.

When I look at the year ahead and the planned releases for the PC, it’s looking amazing, with the obvious ones being the likes of Doom 3 and Half Life 2. I’m also watching Black and White 2 with interest as the first game did so much right, if they can iron out some of the flaws then this could be a classic. PC technology is moving so fast, we’ll see some truly stunning graphics and AI this year I think.

Console wise, there are a few games that look the business for sure. I’m thinking GT4, Fable, Jade Empire.

So for me, I’m thoroughly expecting to enjoy 2004 more than 2003 when it comes to games….bring ’em on![/size]



[size=8]At this early stage in the year, it is hard to make a firm decision on whether 2004 will be better than 2003.

2003 was a great year for films with massive blockbusters like LOTR and The Matrix sequels appearing. This year has less films that are as hyped as these were and this might lead to less turn-out for new films. But hopefully, films like Van Helsing will make this year a memorable one.

For music, it is hard to say whether this year will be better than last. This is mainly because there are so many choices in music. Last year saw the rise of bands like The Darkness and artists like 50 Cent (I’m trying to take an unbiased view over the whole of music here which is hard). I personally haven’t seen anything particularly special yet this year but let’s hope some more great acts will appear.

Games is a toughie. Last year had some truly great games come out (Viewtiful Joe etc.) but there was so much early hype for games coming out this year (Halo 2, Half-Life 2 and Killzone etc.) If these games turn out as good as the hype has said, then 2004 will be an amazing year for gaming. If not, then this could be a bit slow unless something surprises us all.[/size]





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