Staff Discussion: The industry in 5 years

[size=9]In the Next 5 Years Will the Entertainment Industry Get Better or Worse?[/size]



[size=8]I feel that, over time, games will obviously lose originality as more subjects are taken and given new ideas. I think ideas like the Eye Toy will improve; and improve gaming all round, but some games will eventually lose popularity thanks to being the same idea with a slight twist. Especially common in the GTA games, sequels are heading in one direction – down. Most companies that want to create games should always think of a new game in my opinion; else it’s just a rehashed version of an older game, and face it; who wants to play an old game which they already own, with a different title? It’s like paying for a game twice and owning it twice, it’s just not worth it.[/size]



[size=8]I think the entertainment industry will pick up in the next five years, simply because of Nintendo, they will always sacrifice sales for originality, innovation and the f word- FUN!. Mario 128 will rock the industry and (i hope) so will the new Zelda, maybe not sales wise, but they will be the best games of the year, I believe they will give off the new-ness feeling that Mario 64, Oot and Metroid Prime had. Unfortunately one day Ninty will give up on innovation and have to release tired sequels so they can make money, but that day is a long way off yet. [/size]



[size=8]I would like to think that the entertainment industry will improve in the next five years, but to be honest I can’t really see it happening. All aspects of the industry (movies, music and gaming) are catering more and more for the mainstream audience, which some people may see as a good thing. But personally I feel that it stifles innovation. It may be a good move in the short term as it increases sales, but in the long term, basically people are going to get sick of the same old stuff again and again. It is already happening to some extent in the gaming industry, but I think it will probably take longer for the effects to be felt in the movie and music business.

What is needed is for somebody to start taking some risks, in the gaming industry Nintendo are doing something about it but not really enough. In the Music and movie business nobody is really making that move at the moment. The way things stand at the moment, all three businesses are heading for stagnation and I can’t really see things changing unless a major player takes some drastic action. [/size]



[size=8]Games will inevitably get less original and more boring. The games will eventually all be tailor made for the ‘casual gamer’ with is not a bad thing when it’s just a few games, but when all games are made like this I see it as a bad thing.

I can’t really comment on movies as the last movie I went to see was Minority Report, I think. But the chances of it getting worse are still quite high.

I think music will stay roughly the same. The charts may be dominated by by so called ‘Pop Idols’ and manufactured bands, but the real Pop Idol Michael Jackson will make a comeback as insiders say it is 95-100% certain he will be found innocent of all current accusations. How the world of music, gaming and film goes in the next 5 years is purely down to personal taste.

In my opinion, entertainment will take a nose dive but the consumers will keep paying for anything that’s pushed in front of them. [/size]



[size=8]So many people are bitter about “casual gamers”. I’m frankly quite glad for the sheer number of games that are now available on the market since gaming became mainstream; and now there are more chill-out games that are fun for short periods of time than there have ever been before (which is great now that I have less time to dedicate to gaming). I also disagree with the idea that Nintendo will “save” the gaming world with originality over quantity; if the future only holds these Ninty “innovations” to be released every 7 months then things would look bleak indeed.

I don’t see any gradual decline in any aspect of the entertainment industry; while movies are mostly gradually placing more and more focus on special effects and distancing the audience, more and more directors keen to combat this are popping up. The music industry isn’t of great interest to me so I cant really comment, but to be honest its become so canned there days that I cant see it getting any worse.

Will the entertainment industry be worse in the future? I doubt it. But I doubt it will be any better either really. [/size]



[size=8]The entertainment business is based around one little word beginning with “M”. Money. The more money is pledged into a product the more likely it is to be explosive and awe-inspiring. Of course this is the case in many films.

Look at Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings films. The last one in particular [The Return of the King] cost more than 130 million dollars to make, and the result? Probably the best film ever created. However, for some people films are like love, its not what it looks like it’s personality that counts. In other words it doesn’t need to have millions and millions of dollars/pounds spent on its visual effects, a film can be just as good with a low budget just with good acting.

But in the next 5 years i cant see there being much change in the industry, there’s still going to be big budget films that make twice as much as it cost to make yet there will always be that variety of genres that keep enticing the audience to come back.

On the game industry although, its a different matter entirely. The average game can only cost [i say only cost] a few million dollars/pounds to produce and is far less complicated than that of making a film. Plus developers are getting more and more efficient at making games, meaning they can produce more of them in a smaller space of time. Thus why we find so many naff games out there, wouldn’t you agree?

The biggest change in the next 5 years [entertainment wise] is the games industry for sure. Such publishers as EA, can afford to churn out a half arsed game with a nice license on it because they can make all the money back and more! The reason for this is….yet that word again, money. [/size]



[size=8]How will the Entertainment industry change over the next 5+ years? A good question!

Regarding movies, one thing is for sure, special effects will keep getting better and better. A number of times during the last few years I’ve seen movies that are too ambitious, let down by ropey FX. Matrix 2, Blade 2 and Die Another Day spring to mind, where the visuals were slightly off and immediately ruined the whole effect.

Movies will get bigger and dumber during the summer seasons but I can see that there is more room for originality springing up. People are rebelling against crass over the top sequels, starting to refuse to swallow the big name drivel the studios have been spoon feeding us recently.

As for games, I can see this going much the same way. The big players will keep driving generic titles to the mainstream but there will be originality, and also new platforms! And everyone will have reasonable games on their phones too.

As Jo says, games getting more and more mainstream isn’t a bad thing. There may be more and more crap being shoveled out, but this isn’t at the expense of originality or innovation. There will always be excellent games coming out from reputable developers. It is down to the consumer to decide what they want – generic brand 10 or a great gaming experience. Once the casual consumers(and their grannies) learn this and spend their money wisely then the publishers will listen.

No matter what the entertainment medium is it boils down to one thing – money. After all, that is what every industry is about. [/size]



[size=8]The entertainment industry getting boring? God forbid the day it does! With the three mainstream areas of entertainment (Music, Movies and (more recently) games) there are different points for each.

Music: I don’t think this will ever become boring for anyone as tastes are different for everyone and new bands will keep coming. Music caters for so many people. All the different styles and the seemingly infinitesimal fusions that can be done between them allow for so many new and original styles of music and songs to be released. I don’t think this will become boring anytime soon.

Movies: Movie technology is becoming better and better. And budgets are becoming bigger and bigger. This all allows for some amazing LOOKING movies. But I don’t know if originality is popping up as much as it used to. Just look a few years back and look at surprise hit films like The Matrix. I haven’t seen anything like that stir up the industry so much since (correct me if I’m wrong). This worries me slightly. Hopefully, more brilliant writers and directors will continue to grace our ending credit screens forever more. Actors seem to be becoming more and more stereotypical these days though. We need more interesting actors not just these boring action movie stars and bimbos that seem to pop up all the time. I want something fresh. This one is on the borderline for me. We shall see if anything new comes soon.

Games: This is the most worrying aspect of entertainment for me. Games are becoming blander and blander as they become more and more mainstream. I don’t agree with Jo. I don’t like casual gamers coming in from all over. If this keeps happening, then games will just become endless floods of movie spin-offs and such like. We need, innovative products that capture our imagination and wow us with new, amazing visuals. Of course, that turning point of gaming history, the move into 3d, will never be achieved again (for some time, if they release holograms or virtual reality) but originality is needed. I’m seeing too much in the way of “normal” games. I would very much like to see something new (perhaps like eyetoy) released. New hardware will come and go but will games change?

In conclusion, I think the entertainment industry, as a whole, is on a steady line. But if we don’t see a drastic overhaul in the way of movies and games soon, we may just go back to sitting round the fire, listening to the wireless again….. [/size]



[size=8]As can be seen from recent pop charts and cinema timetables, in the film and music worlds quality and originality are becoming far more accepted by the mainstream. In my opinion this is majorly due to a lack of technological advancements, special effects are hardly distinguishable from those of five years ago, and music production has arguably made few advances over the last decade. It’s this stagnation of the technology-driven end of the market that has driven directors, producers and musicians towards less orthodox products. As the home console market seems to be edging closer and closer to this point (evident by the interest in multi-purpose machines), developers and publishers will ultimately have to look for originality, and will hopefully be jumping off bandwagons, rather than on them. So yes, I do believe that the entertainment industry will improve in the next five years, and the games industry will follow films and music into unknown territories. [/size]



[size=8]I’m just going to look at this from the gaming angle. This is a very interesting point. It seems to me that Nintendo believe it is going to get worse. They believe that too much money is being poured into games that are based around a core of good graphics, but lack the innovative game play that Nintendo puts into its games. The main culprit of this is obviously EA. I’m not suggesting that they are bad game designers, or that they do not know how to create innovative games. I just think that they base their ideas on what will make the most money, and Nintendo base their ideas on what will make the best games. You would think that both these ideas would produce the same end product, but unfortunately they don’t. I also think it depends on what the definition of worse in this case is. For example if worse were to mean that the quality of games decreases, then this may be true, but if by worse it is meant that less money will be put into the industry, then I do not agree that the industry will get worse. More and more money is being invested into the industry, and it depends on where that money goes and how it is used, whether or not the quality of games produced increases or decreases. I personally believe that the number of really good games will decrease, as Nintendo loses market share, and then developers such as EA will have to change their development focus, or Nintendo will become more popular. Only time will tell. [/size]



[size=8]The next five years holds a great deal for gaming and should break the current perception of gaming – that of a lonely pastime to a valid form of enetertainment mainstream.

While during the current cycle (of Gameboy Advance, Nintendo Gamecube, Playstation2 and Xbox – PC is hard to define as a generation, so forgive me!) we’ll see little change. However, at the next (console) generation the mainstream perception will jump and gaming should be seen as an equivelent to DVD, TV, CD/Music and cinema as a digital home entertainment.

Peripherals such as Eyetoy will help in a sudden change in public perception, and allow easy gameplay. Mainstream like simple stuff. This is a most important idea: Peripherals will become central to gameplay (such as eyetoy or the Donkey Konga Bongos) – and these games will pick up public attention by making gameplay simple (with a plug and play device). Most games will continue to use a controller device, however. Mainstream gaming will also come from multimedia devices, such as phones and, more-so Digital TV devices.

Gaming will continue to follow the dream of photo-realism (excluding a certain Japanese developer).

Online Gaming will NOT prove the Holy Grail, although reasonable revenues are found.

A more “Hollywood” style of games will develop – with annual updates included as sequels. We’ll see Hollywood embrace gaming[/size]


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