Staff Discussion: will Perfect Dark Zero live up the hype?

The “DarkZero Staff Discussion” is back after a long time away! We return to bring out enlightened discussion to the masses as we debate the appeal of PD0. This week our staff answers the question…

Perfect Dark Zero; will it live up the hype? Is everything a-ok, do you still have faith in Rare?

Perfect Dark Zero, that game I’ve been waiting 4 years for? I don’t think it’s possible that the game will ever be able to live up to it’s hype, I mean it’s N64 sequel is one of the best shooters of all time just beaten by Goldeneye. I didn’t think that the game was amazing in multiplayer, but that didn’t matter too much because of the greatness of single player so I find it interesting that Rare is putting so much effort into multiplayer this time. As long as the game marks a return to form for the Rare we know and love (N64 era anyway)

PD0, I don’t think that it will live up to the hype. Because, let’s face it. No game really ever does. I waited absolutely ages for Halo 2, expecting it to be the gameplay bliss that was Halo: CE, but better! And it wasn’t, it was really over hyped. The same with Fable. With the amount of hype I heard, I expected it to be the best game ever – yet it wasn’t. Not don’t get me wrong, both are very good games, but proof that hype doesn’t equal an awesome game. I’m unsure of the media blackout at the moment, i have seen both conflicting screens of the game, some look awesome – some look drab. Is Rare keeping up the pressure and maintaining the hype by being secretive? Who knows? As for faith in Rare, I feel this game will be the turning point. If the game is great – then Rare will continue to be the legends they once were and people should have every faith in them. If they get it wrong… ouch! Will people buy their games again?

After Rare’s lack of titles and the ones we got were below par (save SF:Adventures – my opinion), I can’t expect Rare to do anything truly revolutionary this generation. Rare will never have another Golden Eye to make it stand out and having few franchises under its belt, Rare’s future is looking grim. Perfect Dark Zero will no likely be a disappointment to fans of the original. To everyone else it may just be another FPS to line their shelves. As far as current screenshots, I feel they are outdated and that people need to stop judging the game over them. As the upcoming 360 launch looms on the horizon, we’ll most likely see a flood of information on the games and console as Microsoft gears up its hype-machine.

I still have faith in Rare… I played Perfect Dark 64 to death I loved it, Infact this summer I spent a clean week playing the entire game and going through the Multiplayer modes with friends. This game defined the N64 era for me something the Cube has failed to do this time around. Only Goldeneye beats it as someone else put, and that’s because the single player mode was better being based on a film and everything. I did feel Rare were losing it when I played Grabbed By The Ghoulies, It was a good game but I had played something similar when playing Luigi’s Mansion on the Cube at launch, However my faith returned when I picked up Conker Live and Reloaded (yesterday) and this is a stunning game very well re-made although I have not had chance to play online yet. Back to Perfect Dark though, I feel this is one of the games that will do great on not just a sales/consumer level but a quality and good game level. I anticipate it greatly one of the three games I have seen and really want.

Do you smell that, there is a fishy smell coming from the groin of Joanna Dark, and personally I cannot wait. I have seen the screenshots, and I must say I am impressed thus far. It looks pretty and they are only running on Alpha boxes, meaning the graphics will only get better. As a result I still have complete faith in Rare, is it misguided? maybe. But who can really argue with the company which made great games such as Goldeneye, Perfect Dark and Banjo-Kazooie.

I don’t think anything could live up to the hype PDZ has had, that’s the problem when a game is this highly anticipated, expectations just get out of control and in the end no matter how good the game is somebody’s going to be disappointed. Personally I still have faith in Rare, for me Conker on the Xbox showed Rare have still got it, despite the single player being just a remake, the multiplayer is excellent, one of the best on Xbox Live, and considering that was their first attempt at an online game it shows a lot of promise for the online side of PDZ. Even if it’s just as good as the original with improved graphics and net code as good as Conker’s then it’ll be good enough for me.