Staff Discussion: E3 Wishes


[size=8] I’d would have liked to see Animal Crossing 2, online for the GameCube priced at £40 with a FREE broadband or 56k adapter. And it should be compatible with 56k since Animal Crossing isn’t exactly a high speed game. It would make so much sense, it would be Animal Crossing but bigger and with the option to meet up with or trade directly (without those cumbersome codes) with your friends. Also you could meet new friends. Since it’s very much the sort of game that anyone can play if Nintendo marketed it well and provided a good online service I think it could become really big.[/size]



[size=8] Harvest Moon Online, online farming, online marriages, you got to admit, it would be one hell of a game. I would also liked to have seen Too Human in playable form, after Eternal Darkness and Metal Gear Solid, i would like to see what Silicon Knights could do. But most of all i would liked to seen an arcade version of Pilotwings (imagine sitting in a life-size gyro-copter)[/size]



[size=8] I expect Homeland will go where we all want Animal Crossing to go, with Nintendo using the new use of the hardware to test for themselves. As for unannounced games I expect something new from Nintendo, a new franchise, new characters, more adult orientated, oh and Pikmin 3 Online!!! [/size]



[size=8] I would love to have seen new releases of some Amiga classics (although I do realize that I am dreaming).

Sensible Soccer would only need the teams updating as the gameplay and graphical style are timeless. Whoever owns the rights to this game since the demise of Sensible Software are sitting on a gold mine. To this day Sensible World of Soccer remains the best football game of all time.

Monkey Island 5 has been rumored for some time but a definitive official release would be a dream come true. The first two in the series (first released on Amiga) were the best two games in history in my opinion. The third was good but the latest forth release went 3D and lost some of the charm, humor and gameplay along the way. I would wish the 5th to be a return to it’s roots where 2D and mouse control are possible.

Total Annihilation. Yep, the only game to beat Command & Conquer in my books is Total Annihilation. It is truly epic and deeper than any other game I have ever had the chance to play. Multiplayer skirmishes offered never-ending fun and a rumored sequel would be fantastic news as long as it did not take away what made the game good in the first place. [/size]


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