April Fools Redux


You may have recently seen our excellent rundown of the more notable April fools jokes coughed up by the internet this year, but this morning I stumbled across one which seems to have slipped under the radar… And believe me: it’s a corker.

The worrying thing is they actually received some interest on their offer…

“Hi, I’m worried I might be falling into an April fool! But if this is true I could well be interested, along with a friend of mine. If I’m not being daft and it’s not an April fool, could you give anymore details. Not brave enough for the forehead. but arms wouldn’t be so bad. Had been thinking of getting a tattoo of my daughter at some point anyway and never had a tattoo before, maybe could kill two birds with one stone though would have the personal tattoo tucked away on a shoulder etc so as not to interfere.”

The mind boggles…