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An Interview with Charles Logan


Charles Logan is truly a man for all seasons. A Turkish-born artist, actor, musician and writer, he started off his art life at the age of 6 with professional classical music training in Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey where he concentrated on violin. At an early age Charles began improving his skills in a variety of art forms such as illustration, concept art, writing and theater. After a time, he began doing graphic design for websites, bands and theater groups.

After moving to the city of Boston, MA to study acting in theater, Charles took part in numerous productions put on by Emerson College and Berklee College of Music. While continuing his noteworthy art career, Charles has made the jump into indie game territory. I was able to sit down with him recently and I got a few questions answered.

Me: Tell me about little Charlie. Did he have many art pieces placed on the fridge?

Charles: Condescending?

Me: Placating?

Charles: . . . .

Me: And they’re off!

Charles: Well, I was born into a family of musicians actually. My father’s side came from a musical background and I started professional classical music training at the age of 6, so art and creativity has been a part of my lifestyle for longer than I can remember. I studied music and theater at an educational level but in terms of visual art, I am very much self-taught and I actively seek the knowledge that’s out there.

Mr Incredible - comeback concept

Mr Incredible – comeback concept

Me: Do you have a preference between the conceptual and physical art forms?

Charles: Whether it is performance or merely visual art, it doesn’t matter what sort of medium I’m working with so long as there is a creative production I can lead or be a part of.

Me: At what point did you start plying your trade?

Charles: I have always been an on-again-off-again musician really. But besides that I just did regular college kid jobs back in the day.

Me: I see that you’re getting into the world of indie game design. Have you had any issues with jumping into such a less-structured space?

Charles: Despite this being my first dive into the video game scene, I’m not really new to the entertainment industry. I’ve spent the past couple years working with a company here in Boston and I eventually became their Art Director. It is an industry that’s growing, and will continue to grow. It’s better to get on the boat before it heads off into the sunset.

But the indie scene is definitely something smaller yet more personal than the usual corporate IP work. You’re definitely a little bit more hands-on. Indie devs will always be taking bigger risks over a corporation who knows how to play it safe.

The Dark Knight – Charles’ rendition of Batman (and the Batphotocopier)

Me: Favorite movie? Go!

Charles: The Terminator, to be precise. Popped my cherry.

Me: Coming from an artistic heritage, do you feel that gives you the ability to be more free-form in your creations?

Charles: To some extent, I believe so. It is a medium that allows story telling. And it’s especially a medium that allows non-linear type of storytelling which is unlike anything else we’ve ever seen. It has a great future.

Me: Are you a video game enthusiast?

Charles: I don’t really have a go-to game right now, per se, but I’ve always enjoyed Metal Gear Solid series more than any other franchise.

Me: Ah. So you enjoy hide and seek?

Charles: You really want to know?

Me: The world wants to know, Charles!

Charles: I love spending time with my woman outside and escaping reality within yards of her proximity. Love truly sweeps you off your feet when you’re one with Mother Nature and oxygen.

Me: That really came from behind…

Charles: My backdoor…(huh?)

Me: Is it hot in here?

Charles: Okay. No, not what you think, guys.

Me: Getting back on track for a moment, I know there are differing censorship issues and agendas that stem from the different artistic mediums. Is this an issue you’ve had much interaction with?

Charles: I have done political cartoon strips here and there and I always put my name on it. I believe in that freedom.

Cyborg Superman - a conceptual Superman redesign

Cyborg Superman – a conceptual Superman redesign

Me: What do you have to say to the people out there who want to get into this sort of racket?

Charles: It’s a field of work where you can actually make someone “see” the represented ideas instantly. As long as you can wow people, you’ll always have a great time working in this area. Also, get better. Always hone your skills. And just try to send and show your work to people until they get sick of you. And when they do get sick of you, try again and never let yourself down. 1 out of 100 tries might pay off and that 1 try may be the one you need.

Me: Do you have a dream project inside of the game development field?

Charles: I want to say a Superman game. Can I say that?

Me: You can say whatever you like.


Me: Let’s all just calm down.

Charles: . . . .

Me: I’d like to end on a high note. Does this interview make my butt look big?

Charles: I love it the way it is.

Me: Thanks again, mate. Stay in touch.

As an added bonus, Charles sent over his Inspirational Superhero playlist on Spotify. Give it a listen and be inspired to create!