A false dawn for the Brotherhood?

He jumps across the gaping chasm, barely gaining grip-hold on the seemingly sheer cliff-face. Stones and grit dislodged by the force of his landing fall into the depths enveloped by a sheet of black darkness, like a mouth of the monster waiting to devour the brave but ultimately foolish climber. He checks his grip and his footholds in the wall before continuing, ever aware of the darkness following him like a shadow, a predator observing its pray. He can barely stifle a laugh, leaping out halfway through fear and the rest at his foolhardy actions. He climbs on, scaling the wall, leaping acrobatically from ledge to barely there finger hold.

An arduous climb made all the more enjoyable by the fact he faced his enemy, the darkness. He successfully conquered his foe, with the result of this victorious endeavour, his prize. He reaches for the apple, hidden on his person wrapped in a fine silk cloth… It’s not there, a momentary panic ensues, he almost loses his grip entirely, maintaining his hold only by a thread… Just managing to regain his calm, his thoughts become clear.

Piecing together the previous events that brought him here, like a jigsaw in the mind except his memories are the pieces to this puzzle.

He dropped it…

Laughing at the final result of his actions. He has to laugh, otherwise he would be enveloped in the madness that seems to pervade his endlessly good humour and casually debonaire demeanour.

Although he survives by a thread, this very thread is his undoing. In his haste to escape, leaping from ledge to ledge, he caught his holdall and a single thread came loose; enough to cause a hole large enough to drop the apple and enough to warrant a replay through that entire section.

Cursing in the most eloquently structured Italian diatribes, Ezio lambasts himself for making a fatally wrong choice. In order to afford the sharp Venetian Dagger, he chose a Primark items holdall. Cheap and efficient and ultimately lacking that vital component required for such traversals… Quality.

Thinking he could purchase the cheaper option thus saving himself a miniature fortune in the process costs him far more than he could fully comprehend.

This sequence will not synchronise, you will go back along that DNA thread and relive once more that memory… Hopefully not in vain.

Fortunately the recent release of Brotherhood does not seem to bring light to the loose threads at the seams. It is a game made on an increasingly ageing engine that has been polished and buffed to the nth degree. It may be suspected as a cynical cash-in to bridge the gap between the already released second and in-development third game. It really is an example of how to update a game on a yearly basis and maintain remarkably high levels of quality.

But it also seems like a decision that will, if continued, deplete the very series of that which exudes such a well constructed and enjoyable series thus far, in spite of it’s repetitive elements. It has a uniqueness about it, although taking elements from many other genres, here it makes them its own. With the stunning vistas and interactive historical tableau.

I for one look forward to seeing where Desmond and co. take us in the next adventure, hopefully not at the behest of that endeared us to its universe in the first place.