In-Game Ad’s Don’t Work are reporting that a behavioural research agency called Bunnyfoot has conducted a survey about in-game advertising and have announced that they now beileve the “current methods are not optimising consumer engagement and are failing to influence the consumer in any significant way.

For the survey the company sampled 120 players, aged 18 or over and asked them to play a range of sports games. According to the firm, recall and recognition of in-game ads was low across the board with games like. Game like NBA Live and WWE Smackdown Vs RAW came out on top in the survey, while Project Gotham Racing 3 elicited no consumer engagement at all.

Let me chime in here for a second – now we dont want to rubish Bunnyfoot’s survey but could this just mean that gamers don’t pay much attention to what’s near the side of a track while zooming around at 200mph… maybe ’cause they dont want to crash?

These results reflect the industry’s concern relating to brand value and return on investment,” offered Alison Watson, head of visual engagement at Bunnyfoot.

*Sings* But I know I’ll see your face again