N-Gage Renaissance: Downloadable Games

If you happen to have a Nokia N-Gage, here’s something that will give you easy access to games available for your mobile phone-slash-gaming device. Nokia has launched its first global digital retail distribution channel for N-Gage games. Try out games, purchase and download them through the N-Gage Game Shop.

Simply browse the online catalogs and download your game of choice to your PC. With a compatible memory card reader and memory card, the game files can now be installed in your N-Gage’s game deck. Games are priced from EURO 19.99 to EURO 29.99 (roughly around $25 to $40). Check out which N-Gage games tickle your fancy

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10 games available:
Glimmerati (Game of the Month)
RIFTS: Promise of Power
High Seize
Mile High Pinball
Pathway to Glory
Pathway to Glory: Ikusa Islands
Operation Shadow
Requiem of Hell

How to install the game files to your N-Gage™ game deck

Edit: There’s a flash illustration on the page: http://www.softwaremarket.nokia.com/…tructions.html

1. After downloading the compressed game files onto your computer, uncompress the .zip package files with data compression software that supports the .zip format. Some operating systems come with a pre-installed data compression software, but you might need to install this software before being able to extract the packed files. The .zip package contains a game files folder (named after the game) and readme.txt text file.

2. To install the game files to your N-Gage™ or N-Gage™ QD device you need one N-Gage-compatible multimedia card (MMC) and an MMC reader. Insert the blank MMC card into the MMC reader and locate the uncompressed files on your computer. Open the uncompressed game files folder and copy the “system” and “trm” folders from the game files folder to the MMC card.

3. Once the files have been copied to the MMC, eject the card, remove it from the reader and insert it into an N-Gage or N-Gage QD device. If the game has been properly installed, a game icon will appear at the bottom of the main menu on your phone. Scroll to the game icon and open it to start the game.

The trial period will initiate when the game is opened for the first time. Note that to optimise gameplay performance you should not launch more than one N-Gage game at the same time.
How to upgrade the trial license

After the trial period has expired, the License Manager software activates on your phone and prompts you to enter a license code that will upgrade the trial version to a full game. The license can be purchased either from the N-Gage™ Game Shop website or by using the License Manager on your phone.

To buy the license from the N-Gage™ Game Shop website:
In the N-Gage™ Game Shop, select the game you want to buy and click the BUY button. This will add the game to your shopping cart. In the shopping cart view, click the NEXT button and fill in the required phone information, billing information and all other required details relevant to the purchase. After all the details have been entered the purchase confirmation page will be displayed. The license code can be found from this page together with the game file package download link. Write this license code down as you will need it to unlock the game on your phone. The code will also be included in the receipt that will be sent to you via email after successful purchase.

If you already have the trial version of the game you don’t have to download the game file again – just enter the license code on your phone using the License Manager software that opens automatically when an expired trial version of a game has been started. Enter the code and press OK. The following message will be displayed: “The code will be registered via Iinternet to prevent illegal copies of the license.” Accept this by pressing OK. If you get “Error in the Internet connection, please try again”, choose Options – Settings – SMS and try registering again.

To buy the license using the License Manager:

The License Manager software opens automatically when you start an expired trial version of a game. To buy a license, select Options – Buy full license. Select your credit card type from the list and fill in the credit card details and your email address. Confirm the payment by pressing OK. The license will be sent and inserted automatically into the License Manager on your phone and you will be able to start playing right away. You will also receive a receipt of your purchase sent to the email address you provided along with your credit card details.

Note that buying the license using the License Manager requires a GPRS connection from your phone.