N-Gage Arena Post & Win

We all love posting on forums, message boards and blogs, being part of a community, but what if just posting on a forum gave you the chance to win an amazing prize? Well that’s exactly what Nokia is offering with the N-Gage Arena Post & Win!

All you have to do is go to [link=http//arena.n-gage.com/n-gage/web/en/competition/activities/postandwin.html?cid=SPC-postandwin&ATT=dz_en]HERE[/link] and follow the links to a special competition thread on the N-Gage Arena forums. Once there, just post your N-Gage Arena username in the thread to be automatically entered into a huge global competition! The Grand Prize will give you a double set of gear and games so you can play against your best gaming buddy in the N-Gage Arena – two N-Gage QDs, two copies of six of the best N-Gage games, and two T-shirts!

Don’t worry if you miss out on the Grand Prize though, as the N-Gage Arena Post & Win competition will also offer two second prize packs of an N-Gage QD plus three N-Gage games, and three third prizes of an N-Gage QD.

And all you have to do is post your N-Gage Arena username in the N-Gage Arena Post & Win competition thread. Competition entrants must be an N-Gage Arena member to post, but why wouldn’t you want to be? Membership is free, and it’s quick and easy to register on N-Gage.com.

Once you’ve posted your entry, there’s plenty more to stick around for – live chat 24/7 in the N-Gage Arena Clubhouse, plus loads of weekly live events such as special celebrity chats with N-Gage Game Developers, lots of gaming competitions, and Trivia Challenges. And of course you’ll have the chance to meet new friends in the biggest N-Gage community on the planet!

For more details just click [link=http//arena.n-gage.com/n-gage/web/en/competition/activities/postandwin.html?cid=SPC-postandwin&ATT=dz_en]here[/link] }, and good luck!