Future Definitions: Nintendo and High Definition

Despite Nintendo claiming that the Revolution could connect to either a television or computer monitor, the latter of which ALL are high definition, the company has claimed that it’s next flagship console will not support high definition.

But here’s how you can voice your disgust.

An organisation, called [link=http//www.1080up.org]1080up[/link], has begun a website campaign that demands the Revolution support high definition, in 1080p (1080 lines of horizontal resolution, progressive scan. The standards are; in the NTSC region, 480i, i standing for interlaced, and PAL regions 525i. The GCN, PS2 offered progressive scan, which, as opposed to interlaced, progressively scans for a clearer, sharper image, and has the description 480p and 525p, depending on your region.).

Head on over there to let Nintendo know your feelings. Apparently, IGN’s Matt Casamassina states that Nintendo is listening in on these opinions. Hopefully, if enough people voice their support towards High Definition, Nintendo will do a 180 on the subject.