Free GH III St Patrick’s Day Songs Now Available

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from me. I am Irish, so it is best to tell you this early as I am apparently supposed to get drunk out of my mind in a few days, thus meaning I won’t be able to tell you that on the day. Sorry for jumping the gun.

Also jumping the gun is Activision, who has gone and released their St. Patrick’s Day GH III content a bit early, and it is now available on both Live and PSN. All three songs in the pack come from Dropkick Murphys, who lets not forget are not even an Irish Band! Regardless, the songs (“Famous for Nothing”, “Flannigan’s Ball”, “Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya”) are all free, so the pack is worth a download.

Still, I am not really happy about pack at all, I don’t like any of the songs. Dearg Doom by Horslips would have been much better. It would have been perfect for Guitar Hero. The Saw Docotor, and Thin Lizzy would have been good as well, Hothouse Flowers too, and Brewing up a Storm by The Stunning would have been epic! But heh, gift horse, mouth, lets not look in it.