Free Game Included With Xbox 360 Camera

During Microsoft’s Gamefest this week in Seattle some details have been revealed regarding the launch of the Xbox Live Vision video camera accessory for the Xbox 360, including confirmation of a gesture-based game that is set to be included for free with the hardware. Microsoft’s Jeff Stone revealed that the game in question will be the 360-exclusive titled TotemBall. This title was first announced in May of this year and is being developed by the UK-based teams; Strange Flavour and Freeverse.

Just like some titles in the EyeToy: Play range TotemBall is controlled almost entirely through gestures tracking a player’s arm movements to control a rickety, wheeled totem pole tower around each level, collecting items and trying to reach the exit within a time limit. As of yet no more games have been announced for the Xbox Live Vision camera, but we expect more titles to be on the way soon as Microsoft are likely to push the accessory heavily to compete with Sony efforts in the same vein.