Free Bioshock Artbook Available Online

Hype, hype, hype! Bioshock is on the way don’t ya know! Well, if you don’t, 2K sure do, and if the demo was not enough for you (if you actually managed to download the bloody thing), they have also made available a free Bioshock artbook, which is now available do download online. Apparently, the developers wanted to include the art book in the limited edition version of the game but that did not come to pass, due to a making of DVD, a soundtrack CD, and Big Daddy figurine taking up all the place in the box.

The artbook, which is titled Bioshock: Breaking the Mold, is available in both low (15 MB) and high (75 MB) resolution PDF packages right now from the official 2K website for the game. The site even encouragers those that download the high-res version to take to your local printshop to print and bind, should you feel like it.

So, go forth and download it… don’t make cosplay Big Daddy angry, you would not like him when he’s angry!