Frankie Boyle makes Gervais style apparence in GTA IV DLC

fboyle_newsIt looks like Rockstar have snuck Frankie Boyle into The Lost And The Damned, the recent DLC that was released for Grand Theft Auto 4.

Just like Ricky Gervais’ appearance in the retail title, Boyle won’t be playing a character in the game, and will instead play himself, performing a stand-up routine in one of the Comedy Club located in Liberty City that you can frequent throughout the course of your time with the title.

OXM report that Rockstar have even gone as far to motion captured him for added authenticity.

If you have not seen him doing his stand up routine live, then you have to have seen him at least once on Mock the Week or 8 Out of 10 Cats if you watch a small bit of televlsion.