Frame City Killer Slips A Few Months

Frame City Killer, which will be Namco’s second contribution to a growing Xbox 360 library, has been pushed back to the second half of 2006 in North America following its recent slide to spring in Japan. The Unreal Engine 3.0-based game sees players tracking down a Very Nasty Man in a big city trying to perform all sorts of “perfect hits”.

Namco in Japan recently confirmed that the game would miss its February target due to “quality assurance issues,” but Namco in the States offered some more details will speaking to 1up “Thanks for your interest in Frame City Killer,” a spokesperson said “The game is slated to come out in the second half of 2006. No reason for the delay – just polishing the game so our second Xbox 360 title looks great!” Here’s hoping we get another quality title for the 360 due to this delay.

Source Eurogamer