Fox News Think Video games Hurt Nature

In news that could make Bill Oddie cry Fox News have gone crazy even more crazy than every before, and after finding out that games are bad thanks to the mind altering amount of dirty sex in Mass Effect have now decided that video games are killing nature as we know it. Now, as we are unsure of the logic Fox News used to write this story we cant really sum it up here. But if push comes to shove we think Fox News believe that because you are playing games the world is going to die around you.

Of course, as Fox News usually do, they forgot half of the story and instead of also focusing on the fact that people sitting watching there sad attempt at fair and balanced news reporting may also be killing nature to they instead sensationalisticly titled the article – which was originally sourced from AP – ‘Video Games May Hurt Nature

We are so annoyed by this we think it is best to start a campaign to tell everyone that Fox News are teaching your kids bad language.