Four Game For DS From Day One?

Speaking under conditions of strict anonymity to the website Eurogamer a senior US source has revealed the number of launch titles for the American version of Nintendo DS.

There’s going to be the four launch titles in Seattle, and Metroid isn’t one of them,” said the insider, referring to Metroid Prime Hunters, which was first shown at E3 in May. As previously announced, a demo of Hunters (“First Hunt”) will be bundled with the hardware along with the built-in PictoChat communications software.

The identities of some of the launch games however are still unknown.

The only two games known to be launch definite – or as definite as they can be without confirmation from Nintendo – thus far are Sonic Team’s Feel the Magic XY-XX (formerly Project Rub) and Activision’s Spider-Man 2, which the publisher recently confirmed will run alongside the release of the machine.

Another distinct possibilities are Super Mario 64 DS, which is the renamed Mario 64×4 demo that was shown at E3. Wario Ware DS could be penciled in as a launch title to and a we believe have Wario Ware as a launch title would shift many units as it is the one the most innovative titles shown to date.