Forza Details Blowout

The heading on the main page siad “More information on Forza has been released! Could it live up to the hype and be a Gran Turismo killer.” The answer is a very strong YES!!

Each car will use up to 15,000 polygons each. Over 200 cars from 60 different manufacturers including BMW, Chevrolet, Dodge, Honda, Mazda, Mercedes-benz, Nissan, Porsche and Ferrari

You can rip apart and rebuild cars however you desire – means swapping suspension systems, tyres, engine parts etc. You will also be able to install entirely new engines – size restraints are a factor but if its possible in the real world the option will be there to do it in the game

Change visual appeal of your cars – body kits, bonnet scoops, spoilers etc.

All changes will have an impact on the car handling.

-Aesthetic add-ons – color scheme (that you can create yourself), stickers, decals ( that you can create yourself as well)

-Car trading online through Xbox live is an aspect the team is thinking of adding although it is not confirmed yet

Car will get damaged and damage affects car handling

-The only two officially confirmed tracks are Nurburgring and Laguna Seca

Developer Quotes

“The GT series paved the way for us. Without the success Polyphony has had, we would not have had the opportunity yo create Forza. Although we are taking the racing sim genre in a bit of a different direction”

“We will be honored by any comparisons gamers make between Forza and GT4”

“One of the most powerful tools in Forza is our custom paint and decal editor. Players can place manufacturer decals, text or vinyl shapes anywhere on the car – online, every car should look totally unique. On top of that, we’ve licensed real world tuner kits for real-world tuner cars”

“How can you make a simulator without damage? We approached the manufacturers early on in the product cycle with full mock-ups of our damage as well as design docs to make sure they understood how and why we were including damage”

“We used the top 100 car lists from magazines such as EVO magazine and fan sites to come up with our top cars. With damage and customizable parts, our cars take several weeks to build. We’ve invested considerably in each car in the game. Based on out production plans and vehicle specs, shooting for 200+ cars made the most sense to us”

“The ability to win money for single-player car upgrades and customization while online. The ability to bring cars created and customized in single-player into the online space. The ability to trade theses cars and connect up with other enthusiasts in car clubs are all interesting innovations”


Forza could actually live up to the hype but there was one piece of new news that really stood out and it was the talk of an AI. It has been said that the company will include a very advanced AI system so it feels very “human in performance”. It should improve on the “strict racing line” AI that was a major complaint of GT3

[size=8]Source XBM UK[/size]