Former Smash Bros. Charcters Not Returning

… Well, some of them anyways. According to Smash Bros. Brawl director Masahiro Sakurai (he answered several fan questions on the Japanese veresion of the SSB site), only worldwide successful characters will be featured in the title as opposed to some characters that have only had success in a certain market. Does this mean we’ll see an absence of Marth and Roy in Brawl? Also notable is the comment that non-Nintendo characters will be limited to ones that have appeared on Nintendo platforms and the tentative number at this moment is one or two with the exceeption of Snake.

The Brawl team is currently tweaking the characters’ aerial attacks and are working on making the gameplay simpler to use. In reference to the much anticipated online function, no ranking system will be issued, but a win-loss record system was not addressed.

Source: Smash Bros. Dojo