Former Gears of War team starting work on “next-generation project”

Following up on asking for new blood to join their Halo team, Microsoft Games Studio also seems to be seeking  more staff to join them for a brand new project helmed by people who formerly worked on the Gears of War games. The news once again comes from a job listing that appeared on Gamastura.

As with all listings, nothing hugely exciting is given away, but the small snippets of info we get are enough to get excited about.

Are you interested in creating innovative games that will change the way people play? If so, we want you to join our team to work on a next-generation project, built from the ground up at Microsoft Game Studios. We have a very strong team, (formerly the Gears of War Pub / Dev team) starting a new project in a start-up like environment. This is a rare opportunity to work on a team of game industry experts tackling the challenges of creating innovative social games which use software and hardware technologies in new ways.” says the adverts, one asking for a F/X Artist, and the other asking for an Artist .

Delving further into the listings, many mentions of various tools developers use are highlighted, such as Maya, XSI, and Photoshop. However, near the end it is stated “use with the Unreal 3 Engine or CryEngine a plus,” which is a rather  interesting inclusion.

Maybe this will be one of the first console titles to use the recently announced CryEngine 3 by Crytek?