Forbes call Rock Band ‘a shameless knockoff’

Forbes have published an article talking about the huge success of Guitar Hero, and how the CEO of Activision is an omnipotent God compared to us mere mortals. If all that ego stoking was not enough to sicken you, near the end of the article the writer dubs Rock Band as “a shameless knockoff of Guitar Hero that added drums, bass and a microphone to the World of make-believe rock stars.

At time time of writing this news item,  the article already has ten comments, with each and every one of them informing Forbes of their ineptitude, reminding Forbes about the differences between Neversoft and Harmonix, and telling them about the history of the series. Lets add more!

If you are not familiar with Forbes, they are a huge company that talk about and report on business. If they are this misinformed about other topics, then no wonder we are in a recession right now.