For The Mario Kart Fan Who Has Everything

Left the Christmas shopping a little late and are now looking for that elusive Christmas present for the Mario Kart fan in your life who has everything? Well here’s the answer – you can now buy your very own MK arcade machine via

Priced at just $17,497 – that’s around £10,000 the machines are designed for two players and stand at 76 inches tall. All your favourite Mario Kart characters are present and correct, along with the likes of Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man and Blinky due to Namco helping to make the game.

There are six worlds featuring 24 circuits, plus “hilarious challenge stages” for those who do well in Grand Prix Mode. The game also has a “NamCam2” feature, which means you can put your own face in the game. And if you really have some money burning a whole in you pocket, why not buy two and hook them up for some four player action?

Source Eurogamer