Football Manager 2007 Breaks Records

Sega Europe and Sports Interactive has today announced that Football Manager 2007 has become the third fastest-selling PC title ever, following its release on PC/Mac on October 20th. Although this is a great milestone for the game the two titles ahead of it were both produced by Sports Interactive, Football Manager 2006, and one of the previous Championship Managers (from back in the day)…meaning that whilst it’s sold over 91,000 copies to date, it hasn’t surpassed two of its predecessors quite yet.

“Football Manager 2007 is undoubtedly the best version of Football Manager we’ve ever made. By working extremely hard on making it both as user-friendly as possible and adding a plethora of new features to please the long term fans we’ve produced a game that’s suitable for everyone,” said Miles Jacobson, Managing Director, Sports Interactive. “The team at Sports Interactive are thrilled with the game’s reception and with the pace it’s sold over the first weekend and we’re delighted to have the massive support from the Marketing, PR and Sales teams at SEGA…A huge thank you must also go to the community we have for Football Manager who are a constant source of ideas, encouragement and support throughout the development process.