FM 360 Hard Drive Confusion Cleared Up

There has been some confusion recently over the upcoming Xbox 360 version of Football manager 2005. The confusion relates to whether the game will need a hard drive to run, akin to Final Fantasy 11. Thanks to those kind folks at SEGA we can now clear this up for you, we have the answer straight from the horse’s mouth

Because we wanted to give Xbox 360 users a superior game experience with the same richness and tactical depth that Football Manager has traditionally offered, we asked Microsoft whether we could develop Football Manager 2006 to be a Hard Drive only game. Microsoft agreed as they wanted the best possible game for their console, and with Xbox Live multiplayer being incorporated into the title, we now have a complete Football Manager experience for console gamers, the first time in the franchise’s history.

There you have it, FM 360 will only run if you have a hard drive.